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A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

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A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

Eliminates a lot of the problems with wood and composite deck surfaces.

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Re: A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

Like how the worker is cutting the top tiles with no mask, no eye protection, in a cloud of dust. Regarding the product itself it looks like it's some sort of plastic, wonder how long it will hold up?

Innovative, no question about that.


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Re: A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

Cool. Lot of dead weight though
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Re: A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

No doubt,the framing needs to be more stout. Also,it may be a good idea to place the flashing tape on top of the joists ,kinda the belt and suspenders approach. If the framing goes south (rots away) the top can be reused.
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Re: A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces


But they're doing have the works for the bees...
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Re: A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

11.00$ a 18" x 16" piece, or ~ 5.50 $ per Sq. Ft. no hardware....

But one more bullet for the decking business, floating pavers...

Not many decks around here I'd put 45 lbs/Sq. Ft. of pavers on for several years....

Love the Hybrid deck show in video, looked like badger/ raccoon heaven under that deck...

Did this product evolve from EDPM roofing service walkways & Penthouse decks on flat roofs?
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Re: A Nifty System For Deck Surfaces

If I wanted a tile deck, I'd just get some Kronos tiles. Skip this pointless timesuck product, entirely.

The tiles are meant to go on pedestals, but I've done them direct onto framing, you just buy the Bison caps, no pedestals, and screw them into the framing. You do have to beef it up, and personally I'd ask for steel framing next time. Perfectly flat tiles, on predictably bowed PT, was a huge PIA.

(the link for Kronos' USA website is giving me an ssl cert warning. I over-rode the warning, and it was fine? If you don't trust me or them, the European site is:

https://kronosceramiche.com/laying-instruction/ )


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