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Brick Production Numbers?

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Re: Brick Production Numbers?

Some how the guy that is SUPPOSED to crank up the self climbing towers NEVER is on the job, AND I am supposed to stop laying and crank myself and and all my materials the labor stocked (instead of raising the tower every course) ?

The last "green" crank up I was on didn't have ANY X-Braces install for the first 8' and I even downloaded the Makers Owners manual, but the operator/ dope tester would n't install the missing braces to stop the 4 pairs of towers from swaying when ever some one moved around....luckily it didn't completely fold up....I do like how the planks and material fall to the Earth when the towers are raised or lowered unevenly....

Foiled again by a too stupid to make big money owner.

And WHAT is up with using HUMAN power to lift ~5 or 6 tons of ANYTHING in 2019 A.D.?

Hydro-mobile is on the Bucket list of equipment purchases...
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Re: Brick Production Numbers?

No doubt,hydro mobile is the cats meow. Never owned one,as you can appreciate,they do not work on all applications. They are good for the Walmart walls.
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Re: Brick Production Numbers?

Our production numbers vary, but with residential these days, and how chopped up the houses are, we look for 400-600 being a good day. Sometimes we get lucky and get a 25' long garage wall with only two little 2'x4' windows and we can slam that wall up to the soffit height of 9-10' with two masons and a tender by lunch.

More times than not though, these houses let you lay 3 brick, then its either a cut or a corner, and its hard to slam brick in like you'd like to. We concentrate more on quality control, and not burning our guys out over everything though. Charging more for the highlights, the gable work, how chopped up it is etc, still lets us make decent money on a job, and keep our guys happy and healthy.


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