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Re: Craigslist

Originally Posted by illbuildit.dd View Post
I also like to give old tools to young guys starting out. It's tough starting out and we know how much it's appreciated

I just put all my old tools in the shed and have a garage sale every few years. It's funny because most of the tools I sell came from a G-sale originally.
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illbuildit.dd (04-16-2015)

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Re: Craigslist

Craigslist people are often weirdos
Originally Posted by tipitop View Post
That guy in video have mental issues plus eat hole turtle from some reason
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Re: Craigslist

The morning news had a blurb on police stations being a safe place to meet for inter web sales etc, local cops are endorseing and have a name for the meet (like i said morning news, not awake can't remember the term).
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Re: Craigslist

Perhaps look into donating them to a high school trade program (or something similar), as their need is usually great for anything tool related.
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Re: Craigslist

If you're active on social media, round my parts there are "garage sale" pages on Facebook, basically classifieds but more user-friendly then CL. I've bought and sold more there then CL
I'm a beast at everything I do.

I buy tools. Not brands.
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Capra aegagrus

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Re: Craigslist

I wouldn't bother with CL for $20 (unless it's something I want for $20). Put 'em out at a yard sale or flea market.
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Re: Craigslist

You could carve out one precious Saturday morning and lay it all out at a good flea market, any extra materials too (I know, who has the time?) I saw a contractor do that once with older power tools, etc. and the stuff was flying. He was priced aggressively and appropriately, it seemed. Everything spread out on blue tarps on the ground and they were buying as he was unloading. (Or get your kids to do it.)

Or sell the whole lot to a flea market tool guy. Won't get too much but it'll be somewhat painless and they'll get recirculated.

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Re: Craigslist

Originally Posted by TaylorMadeCon View Post
I just put all my old tools in the shed and have a garage sale every few years. It's funny because most of the tools I sell came from a G-sale originally.
Funny. Sounds like me. I had my first garage sale last year and had twenty bucks on something which was already a great deal and a Mexican said "take two dollars? " I said I'll take 21". That dude looked at me like he wanted to slit my throat. After that a Mexican was going to buy a nice tool belt for the 8 dollars I was asking. I said "give me a buck" all about the person
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m1911 (04-17-2015)
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Re: Craigslist

I usually have some decent windows and light fixtures, plumbing fixtures etc.
I save em up till just about this time of year, and have a contractor's yard sale that I advertise on Craigslist.
I also unload any power tools at this sale.

Usually good for a few hundred bucks.
Materials that don't sell go to Habitat.
Tools go to guys that can use them.
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Re: Craigslist

Garage sale. I made a ton of spending cash last summer.


Tried & True on Facebook
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Originally Posted by CarpenterSFO View Post
You ask for your money frequently, and you collect it quickly, else you stop working immediately.
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