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Sink Or Swim

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Sink Or Swim

Well, this is going to be a little different maybe than you all are used to.

I have absolutely no direct experience in contracting, but I was just hired by a GC as a project coordinator. I used to be a hotel manager and this was the firm that renovated the hotel I was managing. As we were wrapping up the project they offered me a job and being as I've been wanting to make a career change for a while, I took it.

I'm learning a lot everyday but its going to take a little while till all of this ceases to be foreign to me.

I'm hoping you all don't mind me joining you and learning as much as I can about my new profession.

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Re: Sink Or Swim

Good luck. However, I don't see anything but wailing and woe for you. At least for the first few years or 5.

I've seen non construction guys move into a company and it usually isn't pretty. Trades guys aren't maids, janitors and clerks.

Construction is a lifestyle. You will need to learn that fast.

All that being said, I wish you good luck.

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Re: Sink Or Swim

Welcome to CT!
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Pircher (01-26-2018)
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Re: Sink Or Swim

Welcome to CT.
Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.
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Re: Sink Or Swim

I hope you enjoy yourself. Construction is a hard game - lots of money invested. Be concise, get to the point quickly. And above everything : KNOW YOUR BLUEPRINTS AND SPECBOOK (assuming you are using some) They must be your LIFE. You will stand or fall based on them. Good luck!

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Re: Sink Or Swim

I have to say this is an interesting story....I cant wait to hear more

Welcome to CT!
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kirkdc (02-10-2018)
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Re: Sink Or Swim

Welcome, I can't even imagine how to do something like that with no construction knowledge.

It's like me taking a job to oversee the engineering of building spaceships for NASA yet I nothing about spaceships.

I'm just being realistic here. You'll have to dig in deep so I wish you well.
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Re: Sink Or Swim

If you've run a hotel you know what it's like to kick people in the ass all day every day.

The people you will be kicking now are likely tougher and have more money in their pockets which makes them harder to motivate than a bus boy or a maid.

Like any supervision you just have to figure out what they are afraid of and apply pressure accordingly.

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Re: Sink Or Swim

I'd like to be a hotel manager someday. Dress nice, stay clean and enjoy the continental breakfasts.
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Re: Sink Or Swim

Welcome. You'll be fine, I'm sure.
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Re: Sink Or Swim

This is a good site. You said you have "no direct experience" in contracting. Does this mean you have no experience at all, or is there some indirect experience?

Keep in mind, when you post, some will be hard on you. Not nearly as hard as the workers you are about to try and manage, but a special type of construction hard. Hard to explain, but you will find out soon.

As far as managing workers, I think you will find it more difficult than your previous job, but management is management. All of your basic skills still apply.

As far as running jobs or reading blueprints, with no experience. That's going to be tough. Not to say you can't do it, I just think it will be tough.
You never know. I know guys that know construction well, but can't read blueprints. Maybe you are someone that can read blueprints well, but just don't swing a hammer.

Good luck.
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Re: Sink Or Swim

Tell you what, if youíre on here i think youíll be alright. As long as youíre humble and put in the time to study, learn and just ask the right questions. Consume as much as you can, this website is a great start.

Why am I optimistic? I completely BSed my way into my first job!!

I got a job as a commercial superintendent doing small office buildiuts and TI. Renovated my home with a contractor that was non existant. House turned out great and I figured what the hell, wasnít happy in an office so BSed my way into that job.

Got GC license three years later, every two years I upgraded companies, into better and better companies as the resume looked better. By year 6 I was taking on a PM/ super role of 6-8 million dollars of Home Construction at a time.

Fake it till you make it!! Read all you can, befriend key role models and ask the right questions!


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