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Fellas and Ladies, new to the board but want to thank the forum for the years I have been on here looking for answers to some questions.

Landed a commercial painting project but the walls are jacked up. I have done basic repairs before but these walls are literally busting at the seems. Do I just want to demo the seams and mesh/patch them followed by either a matching stucco coat or should I mesh/skim everything and apply new stucco coat overtop. Owner and I are good on the painting side of things but want to come correct to him about the repair options.

Any help on the matter is appreciated i.e causes of this and repair options.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Eifs

had this exact same scenario on a school job.

prior to bid i contacted a real pro commercial stucco guy and asked him for his recommended fix.

architect issued an addendum specifying the fix.

they skimmed the entire surface and then embedded a mesh product that was about 36" wide and then top coated to match existing stucco.

worked great.


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Re: Eifs

Appreciate the insight Griz, good to know!
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Re: Eifs

My first impression is to tear off whatever's there and redo. I'd be really concerned about the number and size of the cracks. What's this installed over? CMU? Studs & sheathing? Why did it crack so badly?

If it is an true EIFS system as opposed to conventional stucco, the EIFS manufacturers do make a patching product for cracks. I've done that before, especially if you are going to paint over it. I think there are too many cracks for this.

Keep in mind that there may be some kind of a manufacturer's warranty if it is an EIFS system. Depending on the warranty, the manufacturers make their own paint that you are "required" to use. On older systems, I've used an elastomeric.
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Re: Eifs

DId they even use mesh in it? Looks like the cracks are nice and square like sheets of foam.
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Re: Eifs

Getting access next week to try and answer some of those questions but it is an eifs system
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Re: Eifs

Yes it is meshed but yes those cracks are right in line with the foam boards.
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Re: Eifs

We used a lot of EIFS on projects in the 90's. With all the trouble we had with those products, I wouldn't sell it to my worst enemy now. Might be okay in a dry climate but it doesn't hold up well in the midwest.

That photo looks like a total rework of the EIFS is in order. Get an EIFS specialist involved and sub that work out. Don't take any liability for what is there.
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Re: Eifs

"Design Center Entrance..." Why would a competent designer buy this Pig???? Missing vapour barrier? Frost damage from wet internal air? Missing a layer or two of needed materials?

Love to see the Autopsy on this dead patient....

EIFS was the best sales force for real masonry the last ~20 years IMHO


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