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Possible New Diesel Technology

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Possible New Diesel Technology

Any of you diesel fella's out there read the new dieselpower magazine and the article on a plasma fired diesel? There is testing going on to see if plasma ignition can be used in a diesel and if so this will raise hp/torque figures, raise fuel milage, raise the engine rpm, better throttle response, eliminating cold start issues, lower static ratio becomes an option and much cleaner emissions so there will be no need for an EGR or the DPF on a diesel vehicle. If this were to happen i think we would see diesel trucks running over 20mpg on a daily basis and even higher mpg numbers on trips.
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Re: Possible New Diesel Technology

That is interesting.

I have also seen talk of using dual fuels to mimic diesel performance without needing the costly diesel engine:



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Re: Possible New Diesel Technology

Not up to date on plasma technology, but I wonder if it can beat TDI. What are we getting now out of 2 liters, 150 horsepower? Doesn't the V10 Toureg/Cayenne motor get 25 mpg with god-knows how much horsepower and torque?
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Re: Possible New Diesel Technology

great, so no the diesel option will be 12,000 from ford.

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Re: Possible New Diesel Technology

I'll wait for the lcd-fired diesel.....
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Re: Possible New Diesel Technology

Plasma Ignition has been in experimental mode for some time and i hope they get it developed for this use. If Fords new scorpion is suppose to get 20mpg with all the emissions crap on it imagine the mpg ratings without the emissions on it. I would think if they can remove the emissions crap then the new technology would pay for itself by due to less cost of the emissions equipment. So theoretically the cost of the truck should stay the same.

I am curious of the power gain and mpg when a tuner is put on one of these trucks with plasma ignition. I think you will see 3/4 ton trucks eating up Corvettes and Mustangs at the strip in stock form.
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Re: Possible New Diesel Technology

The new Ford Scorpion with standard 6 speed auto tranny is just under $9K. This was debated for a while on TDS. The site has claimed most owners getting 20 mpg's which is a big jump from the 6.4.

Talked to an owner with a Tourage diesel a couple years ago and said 25 empty and 15 pulling a car trailer. $65K and you still have a VW. Some I know have had good luck with VW but many have had bad luck. Talked with a guy last year with a brand new MB suv diesel and he said he got high 20's. For $90K I hope so!!!


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