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Flat Deck Truck

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Re: Flat Deck Truck

Originally Posted by Deckhead View Post
I ****ing HATE buying vehicles. The ole lady wants another new one and I'm almost at the point in my life I just tell her to pick one out and we go buy it. I can't on principle though.

Vehicle buying sucks. Can't stand those guys at the dealers. I would pay more if I didn't have to play games.
This last truck I bought there were no games at all. In fact I sat with the used car guys and talked about our military days and made fun of the regular salesmen. Gave them my info, down payment and they handed me the keys. Literally in and out in 30 minutes.

Plus I got a top end set of new tires that weren't on it when I looked at it a few days earlier for the same price.

Only thing that would have been better is if it was cheaper, but it is what it is.

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Re: Flat Deck Truck

Originally Posted by Fouthgeneration View Post
51 Carpenter: I'd look long and hard at an older day cab class 8 Semi-tractor, Much cheaper then a sue fest for an at fault accident.... Maybe time share one with another Sub/Farmer/rancher?

Especially after admitting to regularly flouting the safety regs. regarding GVRs on a popular Website.

You might want see if your policy covers pre-meditated violations ?

Do you force your employees to ride on the overloaded trips?

Nope I donít force my outlaw ways upon my employees, when I do break the law I do it outside of normal working hours. Usually early in the morning when thereís not much traffic.

Iíd like a semi, or a dump but I wouldnít use it enough, I just had my gradall hauled last week, about 50 miles with a pass to go over. Havenít got the bill yet, usually itís around 200-250.

From the conversation on here Iím guessing that other states must have really intense laws on hauling trailers, itís not uncommon here to see other bigger companies (I usually have 3-4 on payroll) hauling their equipment behind a pickup.

Back to the flatbeds, anybody put a flatbed on a 1/2 ton? I prefer driving my 1/2 ton Chevy over the 1 ton, but I love the flatbed on the 1 ton. Iím thinking about putting one on it, itís just so much easier to grab stuff from the bed, and theyíre indestructible.

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