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Trailer Heaters And Power

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Trailer Heaters And Power

I got a new trailer this last spring and now that we are hitting winter I would like to put together power and heat for the inside of this trailer. It is a 6x12 trailer. I really don't even know where to start on this as nobody I know has heaters or power in their trailers but we frequently get below zero F temperatures. Will a simple electric heater from the big box work or do I need something else? Do I need batteries and an inverter or just normal power? The current trailer setup has a 4 pin wiring harness and the lights at the back and side and inside only operate if my truck lights are turned on and I don't really like that either as I leave it at sites frequently and don't want to have to back up to the trailer to use the lights. I'm okay with plugging it in while at jobsites, but what about heat during the time between sites? Maybe off power from the truck or something? Some of our sites can be several hours away.

Also, how important is insulating? It seems from other posts that other people seem to really like this. Thanks for any advice and suggestions on this. In years past I just had my tools in the back of my truck bed and put the compressor and nail guns inside the cab but that is part of why I got a trailer so I didn't have to do that.
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Re: Trailer Heaters And Power

I would do a wood stove in the corner.
I would not trust an heater unattended for 10-14 hrs.
I woud go with a propane fired unit. Show up a little early, fire it up, leave the door cracked open slightly, , go sit in your truck, finish your coffee and plan out your day.


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Re: Trailer Heaters And Power

Do you always need to keep your trailer heated?

I use a small electric space heater in the back of the cube. Insulation helps quite a bit. But for a little 1000W heater you may be asking alot of an inverter and batteries.
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Re: Trailer Heaters And Power

I installed one of those in wall heaters in one of the cabinets in my trailer. 1000 watt. It plugs into a power bar, which in turn plugs into the house, or job site.

This way it will blow the breaker on the power bar rather than the HO fuse panel.

Insulate if you can, but my present trailer ( 6x12 ) is not insulated, and it's not too bad.

Oh, and I actually had one HO want money for the hydro I burned. Gave him 10 bucks.
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