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Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

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Ryobi 4 Pieces Set


Before you guys toss me to the wolves, this is not for me, but I need to leave a set of cordless for my dad. I'll be lucky if he uses it more than once a year, but it saves me from having to let him pilfer my tools.

So here are my options:

Option 1: buy the set. its only 129 dollars. Probably performs somewhere around there as well, but he's not doing anything major.

Option 2: Give him my rigid loaner set, but it doesn't have any saws, only driver and drill. Spend the 100 on a saw.

Option 3: Give him my bosch 12V set, since Im kinda inbetween a bosch 12v and milwaukee 12v set.

as long as I get 129 dollars worth of value here, I don't have an issue with it.

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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

I think ryobi and porter cable are both good options for "homeowners", although one of the guys I work with, the village idiot, has a PC set as his personal tools, but he uses the boss's tools most of the time. I'd choose ryobi just for the
one+ system since you can add stuff later if he wants or needs it.


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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

I would probably be looking at corded if it's only going to be used once per year. Batteries don't like laying around for long periods. The charge can get so low as to damage the batteries. Li-Ion aren't as bad as the Ni-Cad's, but you may still end up with unusable batteries when you pull it out to use it.
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

You guys need to stop with the idea that Ryobi is just a homeowner tool. It may habe been years ago but I have several of their tools and they work as well as my Makita, or even better if you buy the larger lithion battery.....
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

He has a set of corded milwaukee' dewalts, and old BW's. He wants cordless. Even if its once a year!
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

Get the ryobi set.
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

Give him the Bosch and dive $129 deeper into the M12 abyss. Or double it to $258, may as well be nice to yourself while you're at it.
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

Buy him the Ryobe set---he will find it to be more than he needs---their 18 volt euipment is fine.
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

Anytime my better half/in laws choose to purchase a power tool for my father in law, I lean them towards Ryobi. Why? The combined factors of their budget, his degree of use, the quality of the tool for the price, and the fact that as Framer intimated, they can be a half decent tool... it's the best option.

Go with the Ryobi for the father

...(should I disclose that I'm only saying this in hopes he buys it and Techronic Industries - Ryobi's parent - can throw more money to Milwaukee for R and D - they're other 'child'? )
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

My complaints on Ryobi is the drill or impact isn't ergonomic and slow compared to others. Other than that they are work just fine.
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

The new Ryobi drill driver may not have the power and speed of more expensive brands but there just as reliable. I got mine a year ago when i started because it was cheap. it has now been left in rain full of sand and it still goes, although it did over heat and stop working once in 105 degrees after running w hole saw all day
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

I agree it's a decent starter set for someone just starting out. Tools don't make the craftsman.

Anyway I have overheat a Milwaukee lith-ion cordless drill running a 2 1/2 hole saw on one hole 1 1/2 thick wafer board.
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Re: Ryobi 4 Pieces Set

I've had my Bosch drills so hot you couldn't touch them. I don't really understand the point you guys are trying to make. Drills get hot when you are running big bits or doing lots of repetitive holes.

It all comes down to which drill will cool off and continue to work.


Jackson, KY
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