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Hitachi Vs Paslode.

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Hitachi Vs Paslode.

Hitachi gas nail gun or paslode gas nail gun. Any body have any experience with either. (framing nailer)
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

Originally Posted by J.M. View Post
Hitachi gas nail gun or paslode gas nail gun. Any body have any experience with either. (framing nailer)
A&E likes Hitachi

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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

depends where you are. I have an Hitachi sitting in the box busted, no one local to repair. Paslode is much easier to service and get serviced. I tend to try and buy power tools now that have factory service nearby. I used to live 10 minutes from a Makita shop it made life easy.

I vote Paslode.
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Lady Dreamer (02-12-2019)
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

I had the Paslode for years. Never a problem with the gun. The problem was the gas cartridges. Someone would always leave the cartridge in the gun. Then the propane would leak out. If it's too cold, you have to warm up the propane canisters. We always seemed to be running out of propane canisters. The gun worked good though.

I have spent alot of time researching the Hitachi. I haven't bought one. Yet. We have the DeWalt and they are working fine. I think the Hitachi is better technology. It does come with a lifetime warranty. It doesn't work below 23 degrees. It has an automatic shutoff. It is heavy. I compared them in the store. Felt quite a bit heavier than the DeWalt.
If we weren't already on the DeWalt platform, I would have bought the Hitachi. I might still.
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

Originally Posted by builditguy View Post
The problem was the gas cartridges. Someone would always leave the cartridge in the gun. Then the propane would leak out.
That's interesting. I've run Paslode for years, and never removed the cartridges. You sure your guys weren't huffing them?
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

Hitachi and Dewalt both make framing nailers without gas. Years ago, I bought two Paslod Impulse brand new. Those things were finnicky from day one. A year later, and no one wanted to use them anymore.
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

I have both, the Hitachi wins hands down. Faster rate of fire, and punches harder. You can shoot LVL's together and not have to finish the nail with a hammer. The small batteries it comes with won't last as long as you want, but the 6.0 batteries are unbelievably light weight and cheap. They last just fine. Overall weight of the gun is frustrating sometimes, nailing overhead will make your shoulders hurt
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

I have the Hitachi (Thanks CT!!!) and like it. It is heavy, so be ready to use two hands for extended (horizontal) work. Haven't had problems with driving the nail heads down, but have only used in weather above 55-60 degrees.

I gave up on Paslode a long time ago. The cartridges would consistently drain down and since I didn't use them all the time, buying new cartridges was in order. The main issue is they were so dang finnicky-always had issues getting them to fire in cool weather mostly, but they were inconsistent.
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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

I've got three Paslodes. Love them!!!

Never have any issues. But we don't get cold here either.

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Re: Hitachi Vs Paslode.

Ive always owned Hitachi. Paslodes are nice but a little more expensive


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