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A.W.Davis 11-08-2006 08:22 PM

Hitachi sliding compound miter saw
I am at the threshold of buying a new sliding compund miter saw since my Dewalt has seen better days. I have done my research on saws and I am 90% sure I want the new Hitachi sliding compound miter saw. I am not really sold on the digital read-out I could care less about that,what sells me is that Hitachis are known for their accuracy.

My question is does anybody have the new Hitachi saw and what are your thoughts on it? Is the bevel and miter gauge easy to read,do the angles break down to 1/10 of a degree for cutting large crown moulding?

I just dont want to buy a saw I might not be happy with. Thanks

Robie 11-08-2006 09:01 PM

I am in the exact same boat as you. I'm ready to shell out the $600 but don't know which way to go.
I was dead-set on the Dewalt, with the 16" crosscut capability, but then liked the set-up of the Bosch with the controls at the front (plus, I'm a big fan of Bosch). Then, someone mentioned the Makita was getting the best reviews for accuracy. I looked at the Hitachi and was impressed but someone on one of these boards said it got some really bad reviews.
I think they are all probably good machines that will hold up to what little punishment I will give them. I just don't want to end up saying 2 weeks after the purchase..."I wish I woulda"...

A.W.Davis 11-08-2006 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by Robie (Post 152911)
. I just don't want to end up saying 2 weeks after the purchase..."I wish I woulda"...

Yeah same here. I am havent looked into the Bosch miter saw.....hmmmmmm......I will check that out too.

I just bought the Bosch table saw....I love it.

dayspring 11-09-2006 06:04 AM

Ther has been a great deal of discussion about miter saws on the forum. Just type SCMS into the search box @ the top of the page and related threads will come up.

Makita is what I bought, Good saw, just don't like the miter scale location. Bosch would be a good choice.

A.W.Davis 11-09-2006 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by dayspring (Post 152987)
Ther has been a great deal of discussion about miter saws on the forum. Just type SCMS into the search box @ the top of the page and related threads will come up.

Makita is what I bought, Good saw, just don't like the miter scale location. Bosch would be a good choice.

Thanks....I must admit I neglected to conduct a search first which I normally always do......I will do that now.

TexasTimbers 11-09-2006 10:07 AM

Hey guys. I did do a lot of reading, research online, in mags, in stores etc.
I am not biased for any of the saws, although I am sort of biased against Dewalt as I don't care for most of their tools. I own maybe 6 -7 of thier tools.
I own primarily Bosch, Hitachi, Porter Cable, Milwaukee, Hilti, some Panasonic and Makita, and a wide variety of other brands that I bought for one reason or another believing it was the best tool in its class at the time of purchase.
Having said all that, I narrowed my choice down to the Bosch (which my heart wanted) and the Makita. The Hitachi was ruled out kpretty fast based on some reviews I read, and by my giving it a dry run in the store. It took a hard push and had some wobble and flimsyness that was excessive for my liking. And it had alot of plastic. I ended up going with the Makita over the Bosch because of accuracy and smoothness of travel.
The Makita is easily the smoothest, and because of the ever-so-slight wobble in the blade of the Bosch due to the arbor design, I passed on it.
My new 12" Makita supplements my old tried and true 10" Makita and an 8" red Makita cheapo I bought years ago as my first miter saw. So you might think I only buy Makita miters saws, but the 8" was a impulse buy, the 10" was a reconditioned deal too good to pass up that replaced the Delta that had gotten swiped out of my truck at the lunber yard while I was in the middle of a job and had to have a replacement fast. It was what they had in stock so I bought. It was an okay saw. Still is. But it won‘t see much use after using this new 12“. It is s-o- s-m-o-o-t-h!
So anyway, when it came down to my latest purchase I was really wanting the Bosch, but research is what led me to buy a Makita this time, not the lack of it like the first two times.
The only negative I can give the Makita is that the miter scale is located on the upper right side of the table and takes a little getting used to. In fact, when I first started using it I thought "Shucks I hope I didn't under-estimate the inconvenience of that" as I had read about it in some reviews of the saw on Amazon (where I ended up buying it from) but I quickly got used to it and now it's not even a hinderance at all.
Now if we could just get one saw with the up-front controls like the Bosch, the rail and ball bearing system on the Makita, and the Green Hitachi (the old light green not that ugly new green) we’d be in fat city. BTW, the Makita does also have some up-front controls it’s just that the scales and tensioner for the bevel cut is in the back.
Hope that helps.

P.S. you want to talk portable 10” table saws. Don’t even read the reviews just go get the Bosch.

Chris G 11-09-2006 10:26 AM

Just so you can feel really good about your purchase, here's a review of ten SCMS. I ended up buying the Porter Cable because I found it for $300.

TexasTimbers 11-09-2006 10:38 AM

Yep the testers found the same thing I did just know that if you don't mind shoping at Amazon, and I don't, then that near "1400 street price" drops to less than half .... delivered.

Nick H 11-10-2006 06:10 PM

I got the bosch a few months ago and its great. I've just finished a roof job which involved loads of bevel cuts and the up front controls make it so quick and easy to swing the saw over from one side to the other. Possibly the only gripe might be that the action could be a little smoother but I reckon a little judicious "adjustment" might help with that. Also make no mistake its a big saw.

PS i've got the dual bevel saw

Leo G 11-11-2006 11:25 PM

I just bought the 12" Hitachi Slider, got it at Coastal Tool in W.Hartford, CT for $640 (walk in). So far, with the 1/2 hour of playtime I am pleased with the saw. The digital display is somewhat gimmicky because it only reads out to 0.5, but I knew that before I got it. But to my surprise the special angles (mitre 35.5, 31.6 & bevel 33.9) are read out digitally, confirming you have the correct angle for cutting compound angles for crown. The saw slides and cuts smoothly. The stock blade make quite acceptable cuts. I also bought a 12" Forrest blade but have yet to put it on the saw. My only complaint so far is the laser can only be on the right or the left side of the blade, so you have to choose which side you plan on cutting from. It is easily adjusted from right to left, but not easily enough to choose instantly from one or the other. My first chop saw was the C8FB 8-1/2" slider and I got that 18 years ago. The slide is now a little sticky and the action not as smooth as it was when it was new, but what do you expect after 18 years of daily use. I hope that the 12" can prove to be as good as the 8 1/2"

john5mt 01-23-2007 07:22 PM

"Just so you can feel really good about your purchase, here's a review of ten SCMS. I ended up buying the Porter Cable because I found it for $300."

Umm thats a really old review. you cant even buy most of those saws being reviewed brand new anymore.

ApgarNJ 01-25-2007 10:33 PM

i don't think you can go wrong with the dewalt(as much asi don't like their other tools, i do like their scms. i was debating 5 years ago whether to go dewalt or makita and chose the dewalt. i have been happy with it. the only downside with the one i have, is that it's harder to get odd degree angles to lock in, it sometimes wants to drop into the notch. the new one my buddy just got, doens't do that. it turns very smoothly but his 60 degrees is the opposite side that mine is on. and it slides differently on the rails. i think his are shorter. i prefer mine actually. i am so used to it. i hate using other saws now. as far as accuracy. this thing has always been great. gotta put a good blade in it. and it cuts awesome. no complains on any fine trimwork i do.

Mike604 02-01-2007 09:50 AM

Using The Makita and hitachi for the last 4 years for general finishing, both saws were decent and accurate.... My new saw is the bosch 4410l 10 inch compound, and what a treat to use i must say. with upfront controls( no more reaching around back all day ) easy read out mitres, and bevel, a smooth running saw and bosch quality, you can't go wrong..

Hitachi Saws have common detent problems with them and they must be kept clean, c'mon, some days we dont have time, I reg brought my hitachi in for service. I find for all applications, Bosch handles cutting thru ext, inter, much better than the other

Danahy 02-01-2007 09:55 AM

Wish I had spent the extra on a dual bevel for me... Have an hitachi compound slider (7 yrs old), and love it...

Still waiting for the compound / table saw to surface, or be created. I have found a Makita version of the Dewalt that was posted recently, appearantly only available in Japan... Then again, that could just be a load... Either way someone's gotta make it, just hopefully soon.

Perfectionist 02-01-2007 07:53 PM

For what its worth....I bought the Bosch 5412L after reading all your "yahs & nays". What a great saw thus far and the front controls are a blessing. It was almost right on the money accurate right out of the box and though I don't have a ton of time on it yet, its all I hoped for and I'm happy!

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