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Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

at one of the local hardware stores, one of the sales people has a very stong dislike of Dewalt. I was in there one time, and he was saying how Makita has the largest selection of 18v tools that will use lithium ion batteries, so I pointed out that Dewalt has a larger selection, and will run off of Nano batteries. He starts trying to prove me wrong. Everything he could think of that Makita made, the store had the dewalt variation hanging on the dewalt display.

Anyways, I have the dewalt hammer drill, impact, and radio. I really want to get the grinder, angle drill, finish guns, and work light. Personally, I'm going to stick with the XRP batteries until they come out with the new radio that will charge both. The radio is all I ever use for charging.

I also have a Milwakee drill that I have no complaints with.

Although I've had nothing but good experneces with Dewalt and Milwakee and would tend to recomend one of them, when it comes to Makita or Rigid, I'd tend to lean towards rigid. The rigid tools that I have used have all been pretty good. When it comes to the Makita, the tool is good, but the batteries are rather fragile. The chip that controls charging breaks easily, so even a very small drop can keep it from charging. I worked with a few people that have LXT stuff, and they went through a lot of batteries.
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

I have a Makita mxt 18v hammerdrill which I am not all that please with- they advertize a no slip chuck, but the first day I used it the bit driver falls out when I got to the top of a ladder. Then one day after owning it a few months-on a hard drilling project I hear a noise in it & the gearbox dissengaged, so now it only works in 2 modes. I have read reports of others having the same thing happen.
I also have the flashlites & I have to fool with them all the time as when you swivel the head up the light goes out-not very handy when in a dark attic.
I do have a left handed 18v circular saw which is great- and the Makita batteries do last along time.............. But I would be inclined to try the Rigid............ based on my expierence with Makita
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

Make sure it is the good one..... the 141 has 1380 inch pounds and the 142 (diy version) has 12__ something..... maybe different gears.... Same with the drills..... 451 (3 speed) and 454 (2 speed) are the high torque drills versus 452 and 453 versions with plastic gears!
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

They all do the job just fine. I have just about every brand. I get bits stuck in my Rigid impacts. My Makita impact is a little touchy and wears out bits quickly. Dewalt XRP's don't like to switch speeds easily. And they are heavy. Whatever. There are cheap Dewalt 18v's too, stay away from those and get the xrp's. Get a cordless jigsaw and circular saw and you will have two new best friends forever, (BFF"S for you girls).
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

i recently purchased the makita combo kit,only it was the 6 piece set my opinion is that the makita is better,lighter,more compact,and more durable. it is a few bucks more than the ridgid but in this case u definately get what u pay for. also u have to be careful buying ridgid at home cheapo cause a lot of there stuff is factory reconditioned.good luck
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

I'm sure he's bought a set by now, this thread's over a month old.
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

we had several ridgid combo kits. worked fine at first. but after a few years of use they became utter crap, and i guess if you buy the wrong replacement battery your charger will kill it.

now we use the makita lith ions, and whats left of our dewalt fleet. could not be happier
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

I was 100% makita until the Lithiums came out. Not making the battery compatable was inexcuseable IMHO. I have 2 18V drills, 12V impact, 18V miter saw, flashlight, sawzall, Circ Saw. The NiCad batteries were pretty good, but the Nimh sucked for shelf life, so I gave up on them when lithium came out and went over to Hitachi Lithium. I'm very happy with the hitachi so far.
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Re: Help Me Decide On Makita LXT Or Ridgid X2 !!

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Bosch 36v system. I've been using the drill, recipro, saw, rotary hammer for about 2 months now. Wow, what a system. I think you need bigger voltage punch for saws etc, & with the choice of 2 battery types giving the option of light weight or long run time, this is a very versatile platform. The saw & rotary hammer also come out tops in comparison tests, & I can say the recipro is also tops.


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