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Headless Pinners

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Re: Headless Pinners

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I bought the Cadex just because of the blower feature. That feature grew on me over the years with my Hitachi guns.

Also, it was easier to get locally.
With the Cadex and the Grex being essentially the same gun I do not see why you wouldn't drop the extra couple of bucks and have the blower feature along with the ability to shoot slight headed brads (never used em myself so I just answered that portion of my question)?
the slightly headed brads will have more holding power than a headless. headless are good for when you are relying more on glue and want it to setup. and headed brads are when you want to keep miters tighter etc and don't want to split it out.

I guess I just figured being able to shoot both if I needed to was worth it.

before the cadex, I hadn't owned a 23 ga. pinner. i had just used my 18 ga. with short nails.
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Re: Headless Pinners

All my air nailers are bostich, and I never had a problem with any of the finish nailers. Only the framing gun (sometimes misfires and double fires). I got the 23 ga for the price and my trouble free experience with the finish nailers.

Haven't used it alot, but it sinks fine. Used 1 3/16" pins on 3/4" oak ply and all sunk well at around 90 psi. Used 3/4" pins on 11/16" cove and c guard all good. Yes I used glue too.

Decent quick fire when holding-down the safety trigger. Just make sure you don't hit the main trigger unless the tip is on the wood. or you'll be shooting the air or maybe the cat!!!

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Re: Headless Pinners

Bostich works great with the new driver they sent, gave me an extra too. Paid $69 from Amazon but they must have had old stock. Bostich had a bad run of drivers that were too short and would not countersink 1 3/16" pins, but Bostich CS was excellent , on this at least. Really depends on who you get on the phone sometimes.
Just had an issue with a N66c siding gun and they would not send me the part, so I fixed it myself. That was about a year after the pinner purchase. Maybe things are different now. I know Milwaukee, Ridgid will do nothing for you as far as missing or defective parts now, they used to be very helpful. Either return or send to service ctr. is their answer for everything. Waste of time to call them. All you get is " I never heard of that before" as an example, bought a M12 drill with sight wobble in chuck, tried 6 others,gave up as all were even worse than the one I bought, one was so bad that it was a joke to think that got past QC. , but they never heard any chuck issues, right.
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Re: Headless Pinners

I'm looking to score a pinner as well and I'm thinking I want one that does a minimum of 1 3/4 so I can use it on trim. The Grex and a cpl of others sell the 2" but the Grex is a lil' $teep for me unless I find one on Ebay.
Is there a reason one would use a finish nailer over a pinner on trim?
Seems like the pinner has plenty of holding power for trim from my experience ...or doesn't it???
Am I giving pinners more credit than they deserve? Only good for tiny trim and glue-ups and f-ups??? LOL
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Re: Headless Pinners

The pin holds better than you might think. Shooting into oak 1/4 rd. to trim out a room there is no need to fill the marks. I place 2 at slight angles for insurance. 1 3/16" is long enough, any longer you need a thicker gauge anyway. The bostich is the best for the money. I have a Airlocker fr. toolmart that is OK for the price, I have that as backup or with a shorter length.
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Re: Headless Pinners

I am having a hard time with the idea that the 2" pins will travel through the material....I have alot of 1" pins turn around in the grain and come back out the face...I can only imagine the 2" pins...
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Re: Headless Pinners

probably only work for softer woods.
1 3/8 is the longest I use.
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Re: Headless Pinners

Never had a 2" pin come back at me that did not hit something.

If the hit a nail they will come back no matter how long they are.
Warner Mill Works
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Re: Headless Pinners

go GREX 2" capacity shoots great, fun to shoot at your buddies too.


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