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Efficiency, Tools, Load Out, Trailers Ect.

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Re: Efficiency, Tools, Load Out, Trailers Ect.

Originally Posted by tucnasam View Post
Ha! no, I grew up with the karate kid.

I still stand by that the things are space eaters. I couldn't imagine an entire truck full of sys. That would drive me nuts.

I'll post a picture of the truck set up too

Thank you
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Re: Efficiency, Tools, Load Out, Trailers Ect.

Originally Posted by Inner10 View Post
That system wouldn't fly for me. I need my drill bits with my drill, blades with my saws, drives with my impact etc.

That's the beauty of it: it's all there and I can easily find it. I don't have to sort through anything at all.

- small yellow box has 4 different Torx, nutsetters, Phillips, flat, and square bits.

- small black box has impact ready bits. 1/8 through 3/8"

- A small yellow Dewalt tough case has impact ready paddle bits up to 1" and countersinks.

- I used to carry a drill, but an impact is more versatile, so I carry two of them.

- I try not to cut too many nails with my saw: I do a lot of repair work, and usually nothing too meticulous. I don't carry blades in the box because I don't change them every day.

I keep everything that is occasionally used in the van because it is just too heavy to lug around. Why would I carry around a reciprocating saw or a deep socket set if I only use them every three weeks? Unless I use it nearly every day, it doesn't go in my basic box.

A lightweight lean basic toolbox is the way to go for me. No way am I lugging an 80 pound tote into and out of the van and to and from two or three job sites per day. This is way fast.

For example I had some siding to put on today and the materials were already stacked up against the shed I'm working on. I pulled this toolbox out of the trailer, threw in a box of screws, the cordless framing nailer, put on my bags, grabbed the level, and walked 20 yards to the backyard. I was working literally within two minutes of showing up. Even better, I didn't have to make multiple trips back to the van.

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Re: Efficiency, Tools, Load Out, Trailers Ect.

Love these air shims. Putting a new countertops on older cabinets. Nailed down. Great for raising the counter without bashing a pry bar in between and marring up face frames. However. I moved the counter back a little and rolled a nail into the bag. Punctured it.

These little five second fix things are awesome too. Pushed the glue tip into the puncture of the bag. Squeeze a little (the glue) and pull out the needle tip. Put some on the outside. Use the little light (sets the glue in bingo time) and try to get the light to shine into the hole. Now it's a hard set mushroom plug shape. Pumped up the bag to the max and it's held the air for an hour. My finger is pointing at the fix.
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Re: Efficiency, Tools, Load Out, Trailers Ect.

Just ordered one, I'll give it a shot.

I love hard cases, I really do, but I think its time to give up the tool specific case that doesnt neatly stack with my other tool boxes. Too many handles, too many various sizes to deal with.


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