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Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

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Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

I'm looking at miter saws. I've been eyeing the 20 volt miter saw 7 1/4 mainly for small trim work and in places with no power, few 2x4s or 2x6s. I don't want to deal with lugging around a 12 inch saw or I'd lug around my corded 12 inch rigid or my 10 inch.
Does anyone here use the 20 volt cordless miter saw?
Is it even worth buying it or should I just pickup the 60 volt?
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Re: Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

I use the 7 1/4 Milwaukie all the time. Great size and enough power for what I do. It will cut all day with a 5 ah battery.

I would assume the Dewalt would do the same.

Only down side is depth of cut, but usually not a problem.

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Re: Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

I use mine quite a bit too. Single bevel is a bummer sometimes as is depth of cut in the slide. Dust collection with a vac is pretty good too. For a small light saw itís not bad. But I wouldnít use it for framing.
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Re: Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

It doesn't really have the power for framing, but works very well with small trims. The 12 inch is designed almost exactly like the corded version, so plenty of power but certainly a heavy saw.
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Re: Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

The 20V has good power, I’ve cut wet 2x6 with it and it powered through no problem. It’s all a matter of what capacity you need. And if you have larger saws already and you don’t need the huge capacity go with the 20V.

DeWalt doesn’t make a 60V cordless saw, only 120V FlexVolt saws. Honestly, the 20V saw vs the 120V saws are so different with such a difference in capacity that it’s hard to even compare them.
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Re: Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

I use the Dewalt 20v 7 1/4Ē SCMS

Exterior Trim, decks, -PT and tight knot cedar- Some MDF or hemlock casing and baseboard.

I think it cuts 2 x 8, maybe a little more if you lift up the board when you cut.

I went with a small saw over a 10 or 12 inch saw because the only time I cut 2 x 12 for stringers, I use a circular saw.

I donít do crown, so I canít comment on that.

I put a big flexvolt battery on it, it makes a ton of difference. The battery lasts forever for me. The flexvolt dust extractor is a nice complement for it. The zero clearance tape from fastcap works well also.

The light doesnít work that great outside.

I also like a 40 or 60 tooth blade.

I squared it up using the instructions from fine homebuilding or JLC or somewhere. It is within .002 of an inch.

It does everything I need it to do. Happy with it. Itís not so heavy that it is a disincentive to use it, like the 12 inch dw708 that I used to have.

I helped my buddy build a house with it a couple of years ago.

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Re: Dewalt Miter Saw 60 Volt Vs 20 Volt?

Thanks for the info guys I went with the 20volt and I'm pretty happy so far. Also picked up the small dewalt saw stand. I think I'm good for tool purchases for another week lol.


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