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Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

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Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

How are the Milwaukee cordless tools sets specifically the new v28 series standing up?
An recomendations good or bad positive or negative.
I need some new power tools and I see the corded milwaukee sawzalls on sale with their circular saws at home depot cdn.
sale ends today.
The price of each corded tool is less than 1 v28 battery(cdn prices) by my lookings.
You see a lot about many cordless brands and the battery issues etcetera.
Is this still the same or has it changed for the better?..or worse
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

I have the new V28 set, and I really like it, quality is excellent...but, I really do not like the feel of the drill...and it is only 2 speed...asome torque though..I'm a Dewalt fan....but I can say the V28 batteries do as claimed.


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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

I recently purchased the Makita Lithium kit. Lot's of power , lots of duration, quick recharge. Good sawzall, small 6-1/2 circular but very nice for small finish stuff (it's what I do) LED lights on all tools. Handy.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

My eyeball used to be on the Milwaukee V28 kit, then I realized that Ryobi had bought Milwaukee and that changed my mind. I do own a Milwaukee 18 volt hammer drill (had it for a year now, Christmas gift from the supply house last year) it has not give me any trouble at all. I also own several other tools by Milwaukee. I am a Makita man. I was looking at the Makita 18 volt Lith kit the other day, it had... a flashlight, impact driver, drill, circular saw. I don't think it had a recip saw. About $450.00 for the kit. The impact driver and the drill were very balanced and if the quality is what I expect from Makita, this would no doubt be my next choice.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

Originally Posted by dayspring View Post
My eyeball used to be on the Milwaukee V28 kit, then I realized that Ryobi had bought Milwaukee and that changed my mind.
That explains why my brand new Milwaukee corded 1/2" drive drill broke the third time I used it!!! Geese!
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

DeWalt all the way, good prices and damn good batteries, the lithium makita is very poor in quality, I burned up the impact in 4 months, #10 bit tips in sheetmetal was all it was used for.

I have had them all, Milwaukee, Bosch, Panasonic DeWalt wins out.

Just my experience and humble opinion.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

Check out the Jan/Feb issue of "Tools Of The Trade"
for a side by side comparison of lithium-ion cordless.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

I bought a Dewalt 18v XRP a few months ago. It had everything I wanted. Jigsaw, (rare), drill, light, (not rare in the least), circular, and reciprocating saw. Great tools. Overall it's a pretty good combo. Jigsaw, circular and recip are excellent. Drill is a little heavy, and the torque settings get all wonky when you go to 2nd or 3rd speed, (like you have to put it to drill setting or it won't sink a screw). And the light? It's very good too. Although I'm surprised how quickly it can drain a battery.

It should be noted that you'll find some good deals on 18v stuff because they're trying to make way for lithium.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

I have the Milwaukee 28 volt tools a while now and very happy with them so far but I use them for light tasks. For instance, recently I had to cut numerous load bearing studs after temporarily bracing a roof with a seconday wall to install a beam. Well...I did not grab my 28V sawzall, I grabbed my 13 amp corded sawzall and my helper grabbed my 28v cordless sawzall, hehe. On to the kicker, I was cutting two studs to his one stud, both of us cutting at down angles. The 28V circular saw is handy too but does not replace the corded larger counter part. I can free hand cuts in OSB much cleaner with my Bosch worm drive, over the cordless which is understandable. the 28volt drill is a monster regarding weight, I don't use it much but it does come in handy at times. I use the drill the least out of the whole combo kit.

If you are in HVAC, my suggestion is to get the new panasonic ion drill / impact combo kit. Shooting sheet metal screws and driving screws through Drive cleats to hang duct work will require you to have light and ergonomic with plenty of battery. I would stay with a corded sawzall for doing lots of rough in stuff.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

Milwaukee SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. And I have a truck full of them. I bought three of the 18V sets. Batteries are crap. Average less than 50 charges before they die. Chargers are Crap. Replace about 2 per year. Tools are crap. Switch on drill broke within a few months. Shaft on sawzall broke with very little use.

Tried to warranty the chargers, they were well within the warranty period. Local repair station sends it to corporate. They return it as is. I call and ask why it wasn't fixed. They said, Because it worked initially before failing the failure was wear related and not covered by their warranty. The warranty specifically states does not cover wear related failures and their policy is, if it works out of the box, any subsequent failure is wear related. This came from Milwaukee corporate, not the local repair station.

Milwaukee was once a great company, now they're just Ryobi.
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Re: Cordless Tool Sets Need Some Advice

I am a college student who works construction 4 days a week. I have the milwaukee v28 kit. On the same jobsite there are the makita sets and dewalt sets. The dewalt drills are great but their batteries are not that not. Also the hammer drill is weak. The recipro saw is fast and light.

The v28 drill has an awesome hammer drill function. Last week I used the drill to set 25 1/2 inch by 3 inch anchor bolts and i only had to use one battery. It is a bit bulky but has all the power you need.

The sawzall is the best on the market in my opinion. It works nearly as good as the super sawzall.

As with most cordless circ saws it is good for small jobs but leaves a lot to be desired.

with that said, on the job the other sets are setting around while the red tools are working.


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