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Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

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Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

Anyone know of any products similar to the Bosch GSL2?

It's used to identify areas of a floor that aren't level so they can be addressed.

I can't find the GSL 2 in stock anywhere, and was wondering if there is anything similar. I use my normal laser, but, I'm looking for a reason to buy a new tool, assuming it will make my life easier.
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Re: Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

Did you check reviews? I think if you have a good laser level you don't need to buy the floor surface laser.


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Re: Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

I looked at some reviews... The chief complaint was that when measuring how much "out of level" an area is may be "a bit" inaccurate (+/- 1/6th) and that it was expensive.

It /seems/ like it would save me a ton of time by easily visually identifying out of level areas (which I'd mark) vs. going around and checking with my normal laser and receiver throughout the floor.

However, actually addressing them and making sure I know exactly "how much" out of level I can use my normal laser for (which I already have) after I've marked out the areas.

That's my thought anyway...
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Re: Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

Honestly seems like a 10' straight edge would be easier and faster.
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Re: Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

I use the GLS 2, I’d place the SLC with the laser running, never had an issue with it being off.

Sold mine about a month ago now that I’m not doing tile anymore.

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Re: Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

What about DEWALT DW089K Self Leveling 3 Beam Line Laser? Tried that? It has got good reviews.
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Re: Bosch GSL2 Or Something Similar?

I have the DW089 and it doesn't do what the gsl2 does. The 89 has 3 lasers for X, Y and Z axis.


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