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Tight Space Stucco Question - Undershot Between Roof Sections

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Tight Space Stucco Question - Undershot Between Roof Sections

Okay folks, here's one for ya. I was not sure if this was best a carpentry question or a roofing question so construction seems to be the best place.... maybe...

Here is the issue/problem:

In the photo below you can see inside the opening of an undershot. The stucco ends about 1.5 feet or less from the roof line. To my mind I would think that the siding (stucco) should continue all the way back to the end of the wall (triange) - it does not. The stucco job stops and leaves 7 feet of wall uncovered. Stucco actually used to cover even less and the stucco used to lay down on top of the shingles - that is to say that the wall was stuccoed after the roof was put on. - The shingles used to to touch the flashing on the wall. Water would seep from the top of the shingles and then down the side of the wall. The roofer suggested that the shingles be pulled, the flashing be covered with stucco and then the flashing attached to the plywood deck instead of being laid on other shingles. but since he was going to seal off the undershot from the rest of the roof to the right he siad it was overkill and cosmetic.

In the photo below you can see the problem - exposed boards and a line where you can barely see the 1/2 inch of celing insulation peeking out.

This space extends back 7 feet past stucco end. It is about 8.5 feet long. It is 10 inches tall at the mouth and narrows to zero.

Existing undershot has been an ongoing problem. Original builder slanted porch roof slightly toward building, and natural valley drainage drops right beside undershot start.

MOST of the water coming into the undershot has ceased to reach the building thanks to the flashing that can be seen in the photo from above (see link below for more). and I have not seen moisture coming down the wall in a year since the roofers quasi-fixed the undershot by flashing it off on the side. During heavy rains however a little water does still come into the undershot and I really do not want that to ever get into the wall.

More detailed photos and slightly more description can be found by clicking here. (ignore the masonry stuff at the bottom of the page)

Anyhow, here is the question:

I do not like the crawlspace/attic exposure, I do not care for bare wood exposed to the outside. I do not like that 1/2 inch gap that is all but unreachable from inside the attic... SOoooooooo.....

I'd like to finish the stuccoing. If the roof was not there, this would be easy enough. However until the roof is torn off this area is inaccessible as it is about 10 inches tall 13 inches wide, and narrows to nothing over its 7-8 foot run.

Is there any process, tool, or procedure that would make it so that I could cover this wood up the way it should have been originally, thereby giving us a little more water protection, but more importantly sealing termites, mice, and otrher vermin out from that 1/2 inch 6 foot long gap that leads to the attic/crawlspace?

I see no way of doing this but was hoping there was some way it could be accomplished without removing the roof which aint gonna happen until it is all replaced.
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Re: Tight Space Stucco Question - Undershot Between Roof Sections

We see no pictures


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Re: Tight Space Stucco Question - Undershot Between Roof Sections

Originally Posted by RED HORSE 554 View Post
We see no pictures
They decayed after lying idle for three years.
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Re: Tight Space Stucco Question - Undershot Between Roof Sections

Originally Posted by Tinstaafl View Post
They decayed after lying idle for three years.
Thank you for the heads up i didnt look. I didnt know they would be pulled off or removed after a time.
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