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Recording Studio Build Out

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Recording Studio Build Out

Hey guys. So I'm bidding on building out a recording studio and I'm in need of help. I've never done the sound proofing thing before. I have a large empty commercial building that we will be framing in. Walls are 14 feet tall, sheeted, seam taped, all filled with sand then drywaller. We are framing subflooring that is filled with sand. Electrical is all wrapped, everything is isolated for sound. Everything is screwed and bolted, no nails. The job is 4 hours from home so I have hotel cost, per diem, etc. What are people getting per ft. On something like this. My bid is labor only. I have an idea but was wondering if someone has experience with this, thanks!
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Re: Recording Studio Build Out

unless you are a highly specialized outfit that does this type of work on a regular basis it is virtually impossible to put a per sq ft price on it.

my gut tells me that if you are even thinking $/sq ft this particular job would not be a good option for you.


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Re: Recording Studio Build Out

How would you even do square foot on a complicated job like this with many moving parts.

Besides, how would we know.

Lots of variables.

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Re: Recording Studio Build Out

Filling walls/ floors with sand is a thing?

I get how it would absorb sound, I just have never heard of it.

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Re: Recording Studio Build Out

As others have alluded to, be very careful on this. The distance, plus your hesitation in bidding makes me think you're in danger here, unless you have a very good relationship with the project manager who is going to hand hold you through this.

Are you on the hook for product specs and installation? Are you selecting materials or is everything being supplied for you? Have you done anything like this before?

Not that I'm an expert, but I've dabbled, and everything about the sound proofing world is extremely expensive and extremely time consuming and lots of it flies in the face of what you already "know" about building. Like, "apply glue to underlayment and screw with 2 inch screws. Wait 24 hours for glue to cure, then remove 2 inch screws." How the hell do you bid per sq ft for that?
Are you doing green glue or the hockey puck things?
This is a very specialized field and you should talk to somebody who actually knows what they're talking about. I really don't know my ass from a hole in the ground but I've done enough to know that right now, you probably don't know what you don't know.

Good luck on this and seek out your guru. If there's not one on here, find them on another forum and pick their brain. Charge way way way more than you probably think you need to!
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Re: Recording Studio Build Out

This is a very very specialized area to work in, if any part of the assembly is done wrong it all has to be redone.


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