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I-Beam Installation

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I-Beam Installation

Anybody have any suggestions of a quality/affordable jack to use to install a steel I-beam? We are installing in place of a load bearing wall in a kitchen per structural engineer specifications. Jack needs to be able to extend 8-10 ft. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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Re: I-Beam Installation

Couple of material lifts.




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Re: I-Beam Installation

yeah. How heavy is it?
Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
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Re: I-Beam Installation

Yea,, we just rent the DH lift.
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Re: I-Beam Installation

About 350 lbs.
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Re: I-Beam Installation

One should do it, if it's only 350lbs.

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Re: I-Beam Installation

This I-Beam is replacing a load bearing wall. They have an LVL running across the house the LVL has a seam right where the existing wall is positioned. In order to remove that wall I need to support both sides of the LVL any suggestions on jacks I can use for that?
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Re: I-Beam Installation

Temporary studs. You don't need a jack for that.
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Re: I-Beam Installation

350 pounds? Not sure I’d mess around with a lift. Just a few able bodied, a couple step ladders and maybe some 2x4 scraps to build a “ladder”.

But if you must...

The jack were only on those temp posts to lift the ceiling level before placing the beam. Temp walls as suggested on either side is all you need.

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Re: I-Beam Installation

You can rent or buy. I keep a few around. Not expensive and have multiple lengths. I prefer the screw Jack for minor adjustments. Make sure you support the floor below. Your transferring a huge point load.
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Re: I-Beam Installation

We rented a Genie lift today to set two 450 pounders. Getting the lift into the house and set up is more work than actually setting the beams.


I'd love to replace all the dumbness in this room but the budget is tight and the stupidity is plentiful!

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