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Construction PM Software: Advice Needed

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Construction PM Software: Advice Needed

Hey there, so I have a question regarding the project management software for construction. Any of you guys think it is a must-have? Can a company do without it?
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Re: Construction PM Software: Advice Needed

definitely NOT a must have.

all depends how big you are and how many jobs.

i do not know of anyone using it.

i know a contractor that runs 60-100 guys on prevailing wage jobs all over california and they use white boards updated with info from his supers.


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Re: Construction PM Software: Advice Needed

For years I used a Scotsman portable office on the same job site. The walls were lined with the backsides of former blueprints.

A fatty magic marker or two and we could conquer Rome.

Oh wait and a couple of desktop calendars. Almost forgot about those...
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Re: Construction PM Software: Advice Needed

We have tried multiple PM softwares and are still searching for the best one. I liked buildertrend more than co construct but right now operating on google calendar alone due to cost. CRM is where a software is required in my opinion. Managing the front end sales, is much harder than managing the back end production.

How do you manage your sales?
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Re: Construction PM Software: Advice Needed

I think it's a good tool if you're managing a lot of projects to make sure that you don't forget something important. We use Buildertrend but I don't think you necessarily need to use a real PM software if you only need a couple reminders for each job. The full software solutions do eat up a fair bit of time with learning and data entry so it needs to save you a lot of time to have value.
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