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Concrete Damage

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Concrete Damage

I have some spalling on a step of some exterior flatwork. Concrete was poured last November, and temps dropped to mid/upper 20s during the night after the pour. Concrete was not covered after setting up. Concrete cracked at the bottom of the riser, up into the riser, and along angle between riser and step. Pieces of concrete are falling out (see attached jpg). Is this weather related, or caused by something else?
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Re: Concrete Damage

How long after the pour did these cracks appear?

That looks like a shrinkage crack or a movement/settlement crack.


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Re: Concrete Damage

A lot of guys cheat with depth of concrete at the juncture... should be a control joint at top or bottom of riser as well.
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Re: Concrete Damage

I've been told that concrete usually generates enough heat in the first night to not need to be covered for minor freezing.
But to me that looks like a movement crack.
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Re: Concrete Damage

That doesn't look like spelling.

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Re: Concrete Damage

There are 2 types of concrete:

- concrete that has cracked

- concrete that will crack someday
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Re: Concrete Damage

Should have covered it, that could well be what caused the problem.
Unfortunately, the only correct repair is total remove and replace. Patching is generally a waste of time and effort and will never look right.
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Re: Concrete Damage

Looks like it wasn't thick enough at the step, basically snapped it off.
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Re: Concrete Damage

should have cut some joints.
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Re: Concrete Damage

If you are wanting to blame the crack on freezing, what do the other cracks look like?

All concrete will crack. Everyone that pours concrete for a living, will cut or groove control joints.
A control joint should be 25% the depth of the concrete and they should be spaced out, accordingly. Which is, 1.5 times the depth. So, for a 4" thick slab, you shouldn't have a piece larger than 100 square feet. I will admit I go over this, but never more than 144 square feet for a 4" thick slab.

As it was told to me, "If you don't cut the proper control joints, mother nature will show you where they should have been."
I see this quite often. The other day, I saw a 22' x 22' slab with no joints. Mother nature had cracked it into 4 almost equal parts.

In your case, there should have been a control joint cut. It still would have cracked, but hopefully it would follow the cut.
They don't always follow the cut. Best planning just doesn't always work.

As for possible freezing of your slab, is this the only crack. If it froze, that night, almost a year ago, you would have multiple cracks throughout the slab. They would most likely be random cracks also. Meaning they don't necessarily break straight across. They could be arced cracks. Basically it cracks weird because it doesn't have strength and breaks more with pressure from above than heaving of the ground, due to frost.

As far as fixing that crack, don't patch it. It won't last and then it will look like crap forever.
You could use a diamond blade and cut the crack out. Then use SL1 to fill the cut. That will last.
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Re: Concrete Damage

"YOU had some concrete poured in November.".....KNOWING it was going to freeze...

Did you offer to pay extra for the extra labor and materials to protect the work from temp damages??????

FYI : STEPS aren't flatwork, did you hire a flatwork mason to perform as vertical concrete worker...... I don't hire a bone crusher to cut out a tumor to save a few $$.


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