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Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

Let's think about this a little. We have a little ol' lady whose been snookered into using PT for wall studs for whatever reason. Why make the lady all stressed out over a few studs?

As Greg says, "If you are that worried about it, shoot them in yourself.

It's not rocket science. It's not worth crying over. Just do it."

The amount of time spent registering here and taking the time to ask the question, you could be done with it already and the woman is sleeping well. Now she thinks her house is going to fall apart because of wrong fasteners.

Let's take the actual nails first. As Andy intelligently pointed out, maybe he used stainless. Unlikely, but possible. But what is more plausible is that he used a mechanical galvanized or even the new ceramic coated nails.

Check out the ProSelect site. They say "micronized copper pressure-treated wood has corrosion rates on metal products similar to untreated lumber" so for an exterior wall that will never see weather, I think the guy is safe enough.

Would I allow that in my home? Never. Would I be shooting brights into PT? Never.

Did you forget to tell her to use galvanized screws for the sheetrock? What about all the plumbing and electrical plates to protect a sheetrock screw from penetrating? How about the nails that hold the electrical boxes to the studs? Did you tell her about potential offgassing? Finish carpenters need to use galvanzed too you know....her doors could fall, her casing could collapse.
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

Greg Di wrote: "You are right. The GC should be on top of these things.

My point is that subs make silly mistakes all the time just because they don't see the big picture.

What bothers me, as a GC, is when I have sub "B" taking more time out my day moaning about sub "A" than it would take to just fix the problem.

I'm not talking about major issues in workmanship. Stupid things.

"Oh...I need a piece of blocking here."

"OK, then instead of taking all this time to CALL me to complain, you could have already installed the blocking and have been done with it."
I concur about the sub "whining". While I, as sub "B", would fix the problem, I would also bring it to the GC's attention, in a professional manner and with a professional attitude, so that the GC can bring it to sub "A's" attention and make sure it doesn't happen again.

I would never put up with a subs "whining". If they're whiners they won't be on my jobsite for very long!

My guess is that "brite" nails are common sinkers, as they are commonly called. I think, unless I miss my guess, that the OP would have stated SS (stainless steel) in his original post, and if they were SS nails, then there would be no need for this post?!

And, finally, "subs make silly mistakes all the time just because they don't see the big picture." Well, these types of subs need to be shown the "big picture" or find another profession. "Silly mistakes" can be co$tly mistakes in many ways!!
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

I totally understand the 'whiney sub syndrome,' but at the same time, I don't think keeping your mouth shut works. I have worked on jobs with lousy superintendants and foremen who let subs do sub-par work only to later be named in a lawsuit along with every other sub that worked on the job. That ain't worth keeping your mouth shut over.
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

How do you know at the nails are not ACQ approved? There is a coated nail that is not hot dipped that is ACQ approved. They look like brights.
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

I guess I automatically think differently than most people. Maybe it's because I was never a student hall monitor in school.

I was taught at an early age that if you have a problem with someone or something they did, there is one thing you do before doing anything else.

You take it up DIRECTLY with the person of concern. Period. Plain and simple.

If there is no satisfaction forthcoming from that upright and honest approach, THEN, and only then, are other venues of reparation open to you.

"Ethics" apply to all concerned...
"True eloquence consists in saying all that is necessary, and only that which is."
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

Originally Posted by forrest1848 View Post
Customer calls for an estimate on tiling work on new construction. Noticed studs and sill plate are pressure treated wood with bright nails holding it all together. (no insulation or drywall yet) I know that bright nails will corrode in PT wood, but also know the sheathing is on and the PT wood will be dry, which should slow down the corrosion process. Should I tell customer that sub needs to come back in and shoot additional galvanized nails in wood?

In my neck of the woods I believe blue wood is the only type of treated wood allowed to be used as framing members unless it is the shoe plate all other types are illegal to be used in the living space

as for the nail issue just fix it
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

Originally Posted by griz View Post
I have to agree with the general thought of a sub whining is BS. But as CARPENTERDON says if something is wrong it should be brought to the attention of the GC. But why didn't the GC catch this? Too much pass the buck now days. There was a thread last week about a bowed CMU block wall. After it was complete the GC found out about it? WTF? Now as Forest says "she is the GC, 63 & low on funds". What the he** qualifies her as the GC? And what does low on funds have to do with it? If you don't know what you're doing and don't have the capital to do it, trying to pretend that you are a GC don't cut it. Now that I have managed to get a few years under my belt my heart has upon occasion has grown soft, for folks that are thinking about projects and ask questions beforehand. But those that try to play GC and get into trouble I have a hard time dealing with.
What's qualifications have to do with being a GC?
Plenty of non qualified licenced GC around here. Plenty decent ones without.

She should be taking it up with her framer. Exactly how you will shoot a few nails to make up for it, is beyond me. Nailing patterns are pretty specific. How much more wood purchase do you have to nail more nails before the wood strength is compromised?

Sure a few galvanised is great and is good insurance. But how many can you add?
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Re: Bright Nails In Pressure Treated Wood (copper)

Originally Posted by wmallock View Post
In my neck of the woods I believe blue wood is the only type of treated wood allowed to be used as framing members unless it is the shoe plate all other types are illegal to be used in the living space

as for the nail issue just fix it
Sill plates are mostly or around here. Blue wood... Haven't seen it around here ever. Only on Canadian TV shows.


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