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Asking For More Money

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Re: Asking For More Money

I vaguely remembered reading this years ago when I was 3/4 through and realized it was 4 years old. From now on I am starting at the end to see if there is a conclusion before I read the whole thing!
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Re: Asking For More Money

they are gonna blame you, you should consult an attorney for some legal advice.

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Re: Asking For More Money

Originally Posted by WillRestore View Post
they are gonna blame you, you should consult an attorney for some legal advice.

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Unless he's still on the job 4 years later, probably a little late for that.
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Re: Asking For More Money

Originally Posted by avenge View Post
Originally Posted by WillRestore View Post
they are gonna blame you, you should consult an attorney for some legal advice.

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Unless he's still on the job 4 years later, probably a little late for that.
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Re: Asking For More Money

Isnt there any clauses that protect you from additional unforeseen expenses.
Contracts are everything. If you are not protected then it can get very ugly for you!!!!!
Allowing this to go even $1 let alone $8,000 is your fault. These items should have been addressed prior to the change ( hence contract verbage) as an example....."Any extras will be paid for by the homeowner prior to that item being installed " or "Homeowner pays for any balance between agreed upon item and the upgraded item.

Anyway, since you are in the hole and assuming there is no contract or limited contract that does nothing in your favor, you need to discuss with the customer the issue at hand. If you made necessary changes that were needed and if for any reason it went to arbitration or became a legal issue, you would be able to show that thee changes were necessary even though not in the contract.

Also always good to pick the right customers especially for situations like this

Hope this helps.....
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Re: Asking For More Money

stupid is as stupid does, LMFAO what a smuck. no deposit? no payment schedule, no change work orders for extras, and accused of theft, breakage, etc. hope he went bankrupt since it is the only job he can do.
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Re: Asking For More Money

Originally Posted by elbud433 View Post
Starting with the signing of the contract. The homeowners sign a contract stating contractor will provide all materials and labor for the scope of work attached to this agreement. I began the project out of my own pocket providing materials and labor for the foundation and masonry work. After the foundation was complete. I received my first draw you according to the contract and the amount of 20 K. Then Framing began. Framing started and basically took about three weeks to get everything up. The trusses came two weeks late. So the roof was not on until five weeks after the foundation. The homeowner stated that she wanted to get into her house as fast as possible as they always do. She then stockpiled her house with materials such as toilets bathtubs showers Sanks flooring etc. Which one was breach of contract from buying the material. Number two it made it almost impossible to work inside the house. After she had purchased them I told her that many of those items were not according to the budget. I told her that if she wanted those items I would have to reassess The estimate. For instance the budget included linoleum flooring, and she showed up with ceramic tile. Cruciate and stated that she was going to withhold some of the next draw to compensate for what she had purchased. I told her that we could sit down and talk about it. And maybe we could come up with something. I explained to her that there was many price increases due to this and Then she began stating that we broke things in her house. And we unplugged her freezer which damaged all of her food. And damage the freezer. And that we owed her for that also. I Astor for receipts. And she said that she did not have any. She would try to get them. It is been two months since that and I have not seen any receipts. Although I ask for them. She withheld approximately $10,000 from the draws stating that it was due to things that were broken in her house. And the material she bought. She then moved back into her house was unfinished with her family. Which made it extremely difficult workaround. Production started becoming very slow and we are now almost finished with the inside. What's Lee's siting and a partial roof to be done and then minor things to finish on the inside. I think approximately 8k to finish the job pretty easily
1) Why are you starting a job with no money? Draws should be made ahead of time (in my opinion) to avoid using your money, i.e. $*** due at beginning of demolition, $*** due at beginning of concrete forming etc. This is what protects you and allows you to, if needed stop the job and still pay the people who have worked thus far.

2)Trusses came two weeks late or you ordered the trusses two weeks late?

3) She then stockpiled her house with materials. You should have stopped the job right there. You run the job, not her. Not to mention a staging area should have been pre planned before construction even started, so that you COULD have things like shower rough valves on site, as you should.

4) She bought the material directly. The best way to avoid this Ive found is to include allowances in your contract, this way she can buy whatever she wants and she pays the difference . This is basic contract stuff man. It seems like you've been in business for a while, you should have learned by now that you need these things to protect yourself. And she bought linoleum vs Tile?? This isn't even the same scope of work

5) Sounds to me like her telling you that you broke things and unplugged the freezer is just a diversion to get you to forget about the matters at hand (unless you did those things).

6) Holding the next draw to compensate what she bought?? Nope!! Your next draw should have had nothing to do with the products she bought. Again, whats the contract say about this, if nothing, if sure should have been addressed in your payment schedule. Customers don't get to make up the payment schedule, you do.

7)Withholding money for broken things?? Why doesn't your contract state no responsibility for broken house items. It shouldn't just be in your contract, you should have discussed this with them and came up with a storage plan in the begging.

I could go on and on here. I don't want to bag on you bud, but you really need to refine your process here. I had jobs go south in the beginning but I learned from those mistakes and continued to refine my process to protect myself (especially in CA, where everyones looking to get one over on you). Your jobs sound like they are a complete mess, your forman sounds like a joke and your overall business approach needs serious work. Do yourself a favor and charge up a credit card to get this job done if you can't get any more money out of the HO, Take a week or two off and work on your business process. It is very frustrating for me to bid against guys like you that "run a business" like this and I lose out on a job because of price (not that I would have wanted to work for this nightmare client you got yourself wrapped up with anyways)


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