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Exterior Door Out Of Square

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Exterior Door Out Of Square

Got my windows and doors for a remodel in this week and installation was moving along smoothly until this afternoon. Was installing a Marvin ultimate swinging french door and ran into an issue. Leveled the threshold, plumbed both jambs and checked the head jamb. Shot them with a laser so i know they are dead on, shimmed and screwed at hinges. The door on the left had perfect reveals all around, but the door on the right was rubbing the threshold on one side and up about a strong eighth on hinge side, the reveal at the head jamb was showing the same thing, while the reveal where the doors meet and the hinge side reveal were perfect. After spending ample time messing with it and wondering what the hell was going on i decided to check my corner to corner measurements on the slab. Sure enough my diagonals measure 3/16 different on this door slab. This is my first time running into a slab that is out of square and quite surprising on an 8k door. Going to have the sales rep come out to check it out and make it right next week, but was just wondering if anyone here has ever run into a similar problem?
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Re: Exterior Door Out Of Square

yes, i have seen this scenario before on residential & commercial doors.

we fixed the residential on site & the commercial was aluminum storefront doors.

VERY aggravating until you figure out whats going on...

good luck...


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Re: Exterior Door Out Of Square

Yep. Pretty common. Also, you may have a jamb that isn't square

I spent two days trying to get an out swing french door to work a while back. Should have been an hour or so at most.

The jamb wasn't square by 1/4 inch, the doors were hung 1/8 inch off in height and the two doors were mortised 1/8 inch in depth different. Also, the mullion catch was cut wrong and wasn't adjustable. Add in modern noodle like jambs and working solo to begin with and it was a nightmare.

I spent a day trying to get it to work on an unlevel slab which made things worse. Then I started really looking and found all the mistakes.

I changed suppliers and they mill all thier own jambs and haven't had many issues.

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Re: Exterior Door Out Of Square

Those doors also have trick hinges that let you adjust all over the place. Not that that helps with the out of square slab.
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Re: Exterior Door Out Of Square

It's always a treat to get doors and frames that ARE square.
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Re: Exterior Door Out Of Square

Good to know i'm not alone, was driving me nuts for a bit trying to figure out what was wrong with it.
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Re: Exterior Door Out Of Square

I’ve had problems with Marvin products before .

The good news is they bent over backwards to make it right .

We had some windows with some minor defects . They sent out a rep , confirmed it was their fault , then sent their own technicians to install the replacements.

It did take a few weeks , it was an inconvenience, in the end I and the customer were satisfied.

Much better experience than with other manufacturers when a problem comes up. In my experience Marvin stands behind their products


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