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Cat Room Shelving

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Cat Room Shelving

making a cat room , they keep maybe 2-15 cats in here ,
they want shelving all over the walls for the cats to climb on ( 1x12)
looking at p.v.c. ,
the room already done n by another guy , all the shelves have been peed on , and abused , and are falling apart , so wood doesn`t look like a good long-term fit. needs to be washable
but its $150 a sheet for 3/4 inch pvc .
,, i`d need about 8-10 sheets
though about p.v.c flooring panels , but they will end up just as much

any ideas?
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

Synthetic decking?

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Re: Cat Room Shelving

How often are you going to put your supports? The PVC and the composite will sag, unless your supports are about 16" apart.

I don't have a good answer for the material. I will add, if you can get some design input, it might help you get the job. Think about shelves that can be moved. Personally I would recommend the metal brackets that hook into rails on the wall. Maybe even metal shelves, similar to a store. This way they could move the shelves, on the rails. The cats might like their shelves getting re-arranged and the owner might like to move them around for their cats.
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

No metal shelving They apparently spray when excited. So cat urine is the problem. Metal rusts .wood rots.
So it's my idea about the pvc.
Or maybe wood shelf with a thin pvc sheet on top. But that seems labor intensive.
i even thought maybe formica on the top of each shelf. But the glue might start coming loose also
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

It seems the main issue is the urine... They sell washable cat mats that are urine proof... have you considered buying those mats and cut to size as needed and Velcro them (so they can be removed to be washed) or use non-slip material (rug grippers) under the pad? Makes what you fabricate the shelves out of less important...
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

i`ll ask her .she`s probably heard of them

i`ve been considering , a good wood , like fir , and then putting formica on top , and painting the rest of it with the correct paint( paint called pre-catalyst , its F.D.A. approved)
thinking that might be much cheaper than the p.v.c.
a lot more forgiving to work with
all the abuse is on the top of the shelf

so ill run shelving all over

also , thinking about making supports or hangers to hold ready made plastic containers , that can be removed and washed or replaced
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

I think Jaw's suggestion of the synthetic decking might work well, just need to make sure the urine won't soak in or destroy it somehow.
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

try hdpe, pretty bullet proof stuff.

imo, formica is a recipe for disaster. as soon as any urine worked it way in on an edge or joint it will separate.
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Fouthgeneration (03-13-2019)
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the critters, then very low humidity display case with mirrored backs?

And 4KUD TV 55"+ wall mounted Cat memory video player 24/7?

No urine with freeze dried cats.....

There isn't an honest Bricklayer in the World that Likes someone else's Cats, See sand pile "tootsies Rolls"

"Don't Keep my Love on a Shelf"....80s rock?

Our local land-grant university pedal acres of lab tops that are almost Cat proof....(Snowflakes hate actually performing real experiments..)

Tough sawing, but long lasting.

As always lab grade glazed structural tiles, and acid resistant concrete precast shelving.

Even today, if there are more cats then people in your Home, = Mental health issues, is the HO still allowed to write checks?

Owning more 4-5 cats appears to be illegal in South Florida....

I don't see a building inspector issuing a permit to break the Law.....

If I held a mortgage on a Home, a Cat house room would of course forbidden as it would lower the value of home, if foreclosed on.

Does the home owner have enough litter boxes? Some will share, but the tighter the space the more dominance games=pissing contests.

Get a pro cat person to help you fix the real issues here.

Maybe deck boards, like trex? maybe not so much...

Some of the cat might have kidney stones and or infections that cause incontinence...

Stainless steel shelves and a daily Hotsy wash down in a room sized "shower" floor....

Freeze drying is looking more practical.....
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

Depending on budget, what about commercial stainless shelves? Either from a restaurant supply or fabbed up by a local metal place

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Re: Cat Room Shelving

Is this for a shelter?

Gotta get the damn cats to stop pissing on the walkways. There's virtually nothing that can stand up to cat piss.

Griz probably has the best suggestion with HDPE. I get it for about $115ish for a 4x8, which you could rip into a good amount of shelving. Doesn't flex nearly as much as PVC either, so you should be able to put brackets at 24 or 32.
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

freeze-drying sounds good .

i can check into the high density stuff.
if its more ridgid that would help

the synthetic decking is pretty expensive . i need to make 12 inch wide shelves

i know mica can be a bear sometimes , but i was just thinking if it was only on the top , and the sides well painted .... i would use cypress or fir a good solid wood.
it was a thought . i could easily be talked out of it , and go back to the pvc , or the HDPE ( never hear that terminology , but it came right up on line

i hate experimenting on her dime .

i looked up cat rooms ( tons of pics)
can`t find many who have done this.
all the pics look great , but don`tell me about the function issues over the long run

thank you
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

I might be late, but what about FRP panels?
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Re: Cat Room Shelving

just occurred to me ,it must stink in that room .I do not want to be doing this Job !!


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