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Where Do They Find These Guys?

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edward trowelhands
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Where Do They Find These Guys?

Often we have threads about finding good help, etc. How about stories about you or your colleagues worst/weirdest employees? The kind of guys you say, "Where do they find these guys?"

Another GC used these plumbers, who actually were pretty good, who would hot box first thing and do the work stoned as hell.

I hired a flatwork crew. The "lead" guy kept about 1.5 cans of chaw in his cheek. Formed up a slab 3.5" out of square.

One of my framer's guys stopped by my job after their work was done, and started poking around in the woods. I asked what the hell he was doing and he said collecting mushrooms. I told him (the truth) that they were deadly. He said they are psychedelic if you just ate a little.

Hmm, a theme about drugs is forming. One more to skew it the other way:

My best flat work guy, smart, hard worker, big and strong, knew his stuff and always produced crack-free slabs. Secretly finished a degree and became an accountant.
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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

I was working with an old guy in a building that overlooked the roof if an apartment building.

Guy looks out the window and says "She ain't much to look at, but look at the t*ts on on that one."

I looked out the window, it was a fat guy with man boobs. I had to correct almost all the framing he did, must have needed new glasses. . .


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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

where to start
the 2 guys who would coke it up , and thought i was being counter productive by telling them to stop.( " we`re working faster!!")
the guy who worked for me 6 months , and decided to steal clients wedding ring , and antique watch off the bedroom nightstand.
the guy last year , who in his 4th hour there , practically cut his hand off on my miter saw( i mean went all the way thru the wrist leaving maybe 3/4 inch of flesh holding it on )
the guy who stole my planer one year . i fired him , and rehired him the next year. broke out his/my planer on the first job .
the guy who was fishing on my time , and caught a big barracuda while the boss just drove up ..
( oh , wait ... that was me when i was 18)
the countless guys who have just disappeared , never calling to say they quit .

i should name my company " nuts r us "
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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

Bunch of years ago I was working as cut man for a hardi crew. We where at a giant acreage at the same time the drywall boarders where there. Everyday I watch them show up and one would bring a case of beer to the others truck. They would sit in the truck for a beer at 8am before going inside. I think it was every 2 that after that
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The Sheriff

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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

Somebody's high at work it's immediate termination. Whether a hand or a sub. I've had an issue with one plumber, one electrician and the number of painters. My dad's old cabinet guy you wouldn't want other job if he hadn't smoked, and I still use him at times. I can't tell if he's high other than he's in a good mood. He works alone and I guess when you grow up calling somebody sir you give people a little bit of allowance.

I don't care if somebody Smokes on their own time, and everybody damn well knows I'm no teetotaler , but I can't understand the desire to want to drink or do drugs at work. WTH?

I had to fire a hell of a carpenter because he liked to slam two tall boys on the way to work I guess as a hangover cure. LOL. He worked for me for about a year, that's when I first started Contracting and I was running a hell of a lot rougher crew. If you looked at our crew then and the crew we have now they don't even compare.

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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

Painting is the only trade that I will accept the "I work better when I'm high" line. Some guys it seems like it's actually true.
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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

I dunno, I think da vinci got banned, but he coulda told you.

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Re: Where Do They Find These Guys?

Remodeling magazine had an article several issues back where all the interviewed contractors admitted they had to terminate their drug screens or they'd be out of business. All the guys who could pass a drug test were working union. You know, benefits, pay, all that stuff.


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