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What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

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What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

So being that im self employed i go to make my quarterly estimated tax payment. For the last 2 years ive been renting a house from a friend that is in florida fixing roofs and my mail goes to my parents house wich is a 45 minute drive from here. So anyways i grab my payment voucher put a stamp on it throw it in the post office mail box and go on with buisness.

well i get a call from my dad saying my mail to the IRS was sent back for lack of postage i didnt realize you needed a 41 cent stamp, i only used a 39 cent one. So the post office sorts out my mail sticks it in a special box prints 41 cents worth of postage on it and sends it to my mail addres wich is a 45 minute drive 30 miles away . I figure the post office spent atleast 5 dollars special handling my IRS letter just to return it to me .

So i take off work drive 35 miles 45 minutes , burn probably 5 gallons worth of gas go to mom and dads open the letter to make sure what it was i put it in another envelope place the correct stamp on it 41 cents, drive back home 35 miles 45 minutes and drop it back in the mailbox.

Know i know the IRS and the post office are different agencies but they are both part of the US govt. Why the hell wouldnt the US post office just add 2 cents worth of postage and send it on its way to The IRS In Kansas and send me a bill for the 2 cents or something. I mean they didnt have a problem putting 41 cents on it to return it to me.

I dont know anyone else who would reject 3 months worth of taxes over 2 cents. And am i really supposed to believe the govt can deliver us cheaper healthcare?
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Re: What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

Well ya see ....it's called trickle down economics and it works kinda like this ........if you consume too much beer and eat beans, somethings going to trickle down.


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Re: What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

I've heard about the IRS paying for an envelope, postage, and a piece of paper to print a balance due in order to tell someone that they owe two cents.

On a similar note, I received a 37 cent check from my insurance company the other day. I'd burn more gas than that in order to go deposit it.
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Re: What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

My wife once put a check in the wrong account and overdrew our checking account. I went down to clear it up and figured I was in trouble when the trainee had to correct the person that was suppose to be teaching her. When they got done transfering the money back to where it belonged and figureing how much I owed I had them take the money from the account to pay for it and double checked to make sure everything was OK and I was clear.
A few days later I got a bill from the bank for $.25. Seems like they didn't figure in the time that it would take for everything to go into effect. Went down again and gave them their quarter and asked again if they had any other fees they wanted to add on so that they wouldn't waste another stamp.
The next day I went to another bank and opened up new accounts and when all my checks had cleared at the old bank I closed all my accounts.
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Re: What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

What would happen if you took all your CC bills, cable, cellphone, etc ...put the bill into the appropriate envelope with a check for whatever you were sending them that period...but never put a stamp or return address on it?
The only address would the recipient of your payment...would it ever get there?
If no....what if you put the recipient's address as the return address, would it get there?

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Re: What The Govt Will Do Over 2 Cents

I know people who used to switch the addy's (Rec. in the return...return in the rec. spot), as you suggest (they lived in the same town, which I'm sure helped) and it went through every time.

For the record, this was 15 or so years ago...and NO it wasn't me...but only because I never thought of it.


Jim P.
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