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What A Day!

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What A Day!

Just yesterday it was snowing and in the 30's...today, sunshine and in the lows 60's - been awhile since we've had these temps and with the clocks moving forward tonight, it damn feels like spring

Lady's and gents...start your engines. We finally may be able to get some friggin' work done without having to wear underoos

At least in SE PA anyway
"Under promise, over deliver and all that!" JBM

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Re: What A Day!

Went from mid 30s to upper 40s here. Tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be near 60. Spring is coming! Knock on wood.


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Re: What A Day!

Skiing was really nice today, got some tan.
Doesn't get much better than this!
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Re: What A Day!

Cut my front yard for the first time this year today. Been needing it for a while to even it up.
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Re: What A Day!

Originally Posted by boman47k
Cut my front yard for the first time this year today. Been needing it for a while to even it up.
I'm jealous...I love mowing my lawn.
It is what it is...now fix it.
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LRG WoodCrafting

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Re: What A Day!

There is a point to this post....

On Thursday I started to disassemble my snowblower, you know, the one I blew the engine up during the big snowstorm. I ordered a new engine and a new bearing for the thrower fan. I got the bearing and the engine was coming in on Friday. So I was going to install the bearing so I would be ready to install the engine on Friday.

So I split the front and tractor section. Pretty simple, remove 2 bolts and it comes apart. Remove a belt and lift the thrower section from the tractor section. Then there is a pulley, they call it a sheave for some reason. It has 3 nuts, remove them and it comes off. Then there is the part that goes over the shaft that holds said sheave on, they call it a pulley hub (LOL). I needed to remove this to get to the bearing.

It has two set screws, loosen them up and pull it off, right. Wrong. Put a bunch of PB Blaster on it, nope. Put some support below it and tried to hammer the shaft through using a drift. Nope. Got out the wheel puller and put it on. But the shape made it so I could only get 2 of the claws on the hub. So I Dremelled a place for it to hook onto. I spun it up tight and using a couple of long wrenches I put some torque on it. Nothing. Put some heat to it, nothing. Put more penetrating oil on it, nothing. I put all I had on it, nothing. I got an impact driver and torque it up. After a bunch of wraps from the impacter It moved a 1/16", yay. So I got out the wrenches again and put a bunch of torque on it and and and snapped off an ear

Well, now it was an easy decision. Cut it off. So I Dremelled a cut along its length and put a screwdriver in the slot and whacked it with a hammer and it snapped in 2, about 45-55. The 55% pc took me 5 more minutes to get off, damn this thing was stuck on.

So now it was just a bunch of sanding with some 320 on the shaft to remove a little rust after getting the woodruff key out. Then the bearing slipped over it nicely.

Then on Friday the engine came it and I brought it to the shop, took it out of the box and put it next to the old engine to compare the two. They said the shaft might be 1" lower than an "L" head engine (this one is an OHV) but they were both the same. I spun the new engine around and I noticed something not the same. The mounting holes were much more forward than the old engine. Measured the old and it was 3", the new was 1 1/2". Oh crap.

So I mounted the engine on the tractor section and it fit over the studs without an issue. But the engine was farther back. I put the pulley on it and lined it up with the lower pulley and it left a lot of the shaft showing. And (the big one) the set screws didn't reach the shaft because it wasn't pushed back far enough. Crap.

Pulled off the engine, wondered how the hell I was going to put the 4 new holes in there perfectly. But no need. There were 4 holes already drill in there. They must have had two engine choices and predrilled for both. So now all I need to do is cut off the old studs and put 4 new bolts in there and bolt it on.

So since I busted the pulley hub and had to order a new one ($22 Repairclinic.com they have most of the Ariens stuff in stock) I decided that I would sand down a bunch of the snowblower body and prime and paint it. Its a pain, but the machine is all apart and what the heck I couldn't put it together until the new parts got here anyway. Primed it with a rattle can. Found out Rustoleum Farm Equipment Orange is a damn close match to Ariens Orange. So that's what I used, thinned it with V&MP Naptha and sprayed it on in the booth.

So now we get the the part that pertains to this thread.

When I was ready to go home it was about 6:45 and it was still light out. Here comes spring.
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Originally Posted by HusqyPro View Post
Carpenter by day.
Mad scientist by night.
Custom Cabinets in Hartford County Connecticut

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Re: What A Day!

We've got guys in town that surf in the morning then go snow skiing in the afternoon....
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Re: What A Day!

Originally Posted by griz View Post
We've got guys in town that surf in the morning then go snow skiing in the afternoon....
That's some good living. Cant do that in Ohio...
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Re: What A Day!

Went out to mow one of the landlords properties today. After spending 3 hours charging the battery, going to another warehouse to find a pipe to flip my ball, then getting the hoopty trailer jacked onto my ball, the family went with me to get the dog out of the house.

Then after spending 20 minutes getting the mower off the trailer, I started to now. 15 minutes later, it threw a belt and I was done.

On the other hand, it was a beautiful early spring day. We ended up using the metal detector to look for the arrows we lost last trip. I found one, then the battery died.

On to plan D. I set up the archery bag and let my daughter shoot until the sun was heading down. Then we headed home and had dinner. Man, am I ready for Spring as well.
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Re: What A Day!

Originally Posted by superseal View Post
Just yesterday it was snowing and in the 30's...today, sunshine and in the lows 60's - been awhile since we've had these temps and with the clocks moving forward tonight, it damn feels like spring

Lady's and gents...start your engines. We finally may be able to get some friggin' work done without having to wear underoos

At least in SE PA anyway
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Re: What A Day!

Originally Posted by ohiohomedoctor View Post
That's some good living. Cant do that in Ohio...
Not technically true------ there are people who will surf in wet suits off the shoreway on lake erie under the right conditions---and you can ski 30 minutes away at Brandywine or boston mills

Neither the surfing or the skiing is particularly reliable,or even good, under the best conditions.
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Re: What A Day!

I hate spring. It means summer is near.
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Re: What A Day!

I love hot weather, it means the melon patch is ripening.

The hotter it gets the less they wear. Woohoo!
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Re: What A Day!

I love spring.........


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