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Tragic End

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Tragic End

Just wanted to share this. I have known the Vaughn's for 27 years and they are some of the sweetest and most generous people you could meet. Such a sad and tragic story.
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Re: Tragic End

That's a sad story...

So sorry to hear the circumstances...

Sometimes I hate reading...


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Re: Tragic End

Sorry to hear. What a tragic crash.

Sorry for your loss.
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Re: Tragic End

Damned. Condolences....
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Re: Tragic End

Man that's rough. Sorry for your loss Rob.

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Re: Tragic End

That is sad to hear of something like this, prayers for the family.
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Re: Tragic End

This sucks Rob, best to them and you.

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Re: Tragic End

Really is tragic, sorry for their loss and your loss also, God bless all of you.
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Re: Tragic End

My GOD !! wow I have no other words.
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Re: Tragic End

Sorry for your loss. Just Horrible. Not sure I'd be able to be interviewed after something so tragic.
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Re: Tragic End

Sorry about your friends.

Press for justice, scumbag needs to pay.
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Re: Tragic End

Thats really sad. You know, i always think, "what if she had slept somewhere else" what if she had gone to bed just 30 min later... there are a million what ifs that would seemingly change the outcome of that day right? But after helicopter boy died, I have a different opinion.

For those of you who dont remember, helicopter boy was my boyfriend... 5th-8th grade then he moved away and 25 years later we reconnected and picked up right where we left off... Anyway, he was finishing his last tour in the Army and was supposed to retire September of 2014. Well in June of 2013 he got orders to Korea. I was pretty pissed/sad/ dissappointed about that... We talked about it and decided to ask if he could stay in the states for his last year.. and by we talked about it, I mean I threw a ****fit until he gave in and asked to get his orders changed. He didnt really want to go anyway, but if it werent for me, he would have.

The Army sent him to Fort Hood which is about 2.5 hours from me and an hour from his family. His mom and 4 sisters and him and me were stoked. he had been gone for 20 years and was finally coming home. Long story short, about a year after he was at fort Hood.. He was killed in a helicopter crash. Of course all the what ifs ran thru my head, like I could rewind time and somehow change things... and I said to his best friend, Man I shouldve just let him go to Korea. And his bf said, You didnt hear what happened in Korea? Same day, Same unit Michael was supposed to go to, another Army helicopter crashed and killed everyone on board. It was crazy. It was like that was his time to go and no matter where he was, he would have been killed.

Michael spent over 9 years flying helicopters in combat zones..getting shot at, seeing his friends blown up right in front of him. Im not talking about one or two trips over the desert, I'm talking about serious day in day out bombing ****, ground combat..sleeping in his uniform not showering for a month type ****.. like real war. 9- one year tours. Yet through all that he was spared.

I dont know man, its rare anyone ever gets to know both outcomes or what would have happened if one of those what ifs were actually employed. I just thought that was hella ironic. Now I think that when it's your time, it's your time and it doesn't matter where you are or what if this or that.

I'm sure many of us have had some super close brushes with death, I know I have. So close that everytime I think about it I feel sick to my stomach because I know I should be dead at least 3 times.. but Im not. Maybe because it wasn't my time. Anyway, I just thought this little story might make it easier for you to accept.

Its hard to see good people go, especially after they have been through so much and fought so hard to have and be happy for the simple things everyone else takes for granted. Like motorskills and freedom.... Please send the family some love from Ct.
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Re: Tragic End

I know you know this your friend was no boy I realize your term for him is a endearment for me he is a hero with out boys like him our FREEdom would not be free, and our freedom is not free it comes at a price young girls and boys sign up to serve.

Rob sorry to high jack the thread.


Still "Shakin" the tree boss
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