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Time For A Colonoscopy?

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Time For A Colonoscopy?

They say that when you turn 50 you should have a colonoscopy. I dread the thought of any visit to a hospital. I am healthy as a bull and have never been in the hospital, heck I rarely even catch a cold! I feel great and have no symptoms that would lead me to believe that anything is wrong in my colon. Am I crazy for saying no to this procedure?
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Re: Time For A Colonoscopy?

Ron, I am 46 years old and felt fine. I had a physical back in Feb. Dr did stool sample and then told me to have a colonoscopy just in case. Probably nothing. Had surgery on April 16. Took a tumor the size of a grapefruit and 12" of my colon. Ohh...also started out as a 2 hr laparoscopic surgery and ended up being a full 5 hr surgery and an 8" incision!
It is now 3 months and I am still in pain, short of breath, lack sleep, and have had two staph infections. I would gladly have a colonoscopy every year to avoid that again. It is only for one day of being miserable. There was no pain other than the IV that was inserted.
Take it from someone with experience. Don't keep waiting. I will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. Good luck.


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Re: Time For A Colonoscopy?

From someone that should have it done but probably won't I would still say for others to get it done. For me my excuse is weak, but I just don't like going to a doctor and in some respects don't want to know. Stupid I know but I did say it was weak. My wife has had it done a couple of times says it easier now than what it used to be.
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Re: Time For A Colonoscopy?

Here is my lame excuse....

I think we should buy into a total "Healthy Lifestyle" package which would include diet, exercise, physicals, colon scopes and a number of other important things including an adequate retirement plan. I abused my back and my lungs over the years and a "healthy lifestyle" may never be attainable for me... Told you it was a lame excuse.

On the other hand I had a friend/ subcontractor die last year from what started out as colon cancer. He was the picture of good health and had everything going for him and was a national handball champ more than once. He did everything right except get a scope. His excuse was that he didn't "fit the profile" for colon cancer.
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