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Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

I went to a micky D's one morning for coffee. I walked out where there was a man with just a blank stare in his eyes. Very sun beaten with the dark splotches on his skin. It was particularly cold for Southern cal on that day. I'd say it was 37 degrees out. That's extremely cold for us. I handed him a 20 I had in my hand. Don't know why but I did. He didn't ask me for it either. I said "have a good day sir". I went over to another store next door. When I came out I was happy to see him eating a big breakfast. He could've very easily bought alcohol and that would've been OK too.

I remember when I was a young man I was homeless. I will never forget where I came from and what my life is like today. I drive a bus for a homeless shelter some winters and try to get these folks help. It's very humbling.
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

One of my guys gave one food. He started yelling at him saying he wanted money not food.

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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

One study found that 40% of homeless people had been assaulted in the previous year. 20% of homeless women were sexually assaulted in the same time period.

Are there some who are fakes? Yes. But it's not such an easy lifestyle that it's just all lazy people.

Best solution? Give to the charities that help the homeless. Ones that provide food and shelter for the truly needy. Then give cards with the adress of the shelter to panhandlers.
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

I'll usually give them something from my lunch if they ask. I rarely give people money. Once during the middle of winter I took a guy who lives on a porch of an abandoned house out to breakfast just to get him out of the cold for a bit.
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

I can't say I've ever gave anything to one personally, charities yes. A couple of examples, on my way home almost every day there is a older man who stands with in 40-50' of a fast food taco place almost rain or shine, cold or hot he is generally there. The intersection is very busy and you sometimes have to sit through a couple of lights so there is time to watch him. A few people toss him a few bucks, most nervously stair straight a head. On this one Friday afternoon as we sit there in traffic I notice a early 30's guy walk out of the fast food place hand the guy a sack of food and drink. The guy thanked him and the younger guy went on his way. The guy sat right there and had a good meal.

On the same street a few miles down there is a young maybe mid 30's female who sits in front of the wal-mart or home depot. Always when it's nice out, always dressed nice usually in a dress of some sort. You would never figure her to be 'homeless'. I've seen her a number of times, once or twice walking with a same aged guy, dressed clean and neat. One day I happened to be looking at a couple of jobs, happen to notice them coming out of their house loading their signs up in to a mid to late 90's BMW. They seem to be doing well for them self.

About a month ago I meet my wife down town for lunch. As we were walking we notice a group of girls ranging from mid 20's to late 50's, all holding signs. This one in particular had a "I'm pregnant anything helps" sign fairly decently dressed and clean, as she sat on the benches on the corner. My wife and I sat there eating our lunch people watching out he window, about 1/2 a block from the corner discussing them. The young girl with the pregnant sign moves down to a bench almost directly in front of our window seats holding her sign out, we continued to eat and watch the people walking by, happened to look over at the young lady as she opens a pack of Marlboros and lights one up.

I'll continue to donate to local charities or if it comes to me maybe do like the first example. I'd never give them cash, to many are making easy money.
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

Fatima, maybe 10 YO & missing front teeth, and her sister, begged me for money in Germany many years ago. They kept saying bitte, bitte (please, please).

The thing is, I saw them get out of a Mercedes.
The fat woman with them probably told them to get money from people or she would beat the crap out of them, maybe knock out some more teeth.

I pretended not to understand what they wanted and told them in English that all I have is a credit card ("plastic", I said), no cash, which was a false statement, and was also a lie.

Another time I gave 5 marks to some Turkish woman over there, who had five starving children (my wife translated this for me).

A lot of these people wear better shoes than I wear. Look for it.

For panhandlers in this country I speak my own version of German. That usually leaves them no recourse. If you try this trick, or fake deafness, watch for the look of disgust on their faces.

Ms. Vos Savant recommended not giving money but working in homeless shelters where you make the sandwiches with your own hands.

Also see "dependent personality disorder."
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

I can't be bothered supporting them, they are on more intersections then I care to count.

The ones that bother me more then anything is the guy who has his dog with him. If you can't afford to feed yourself, how the hell can you feed an animal...priorities I tell you
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

we are starting to get them where I live, since the interstate runs through our county, they don't last more than a couple days because of the cold

so when I'm having a bad day I just take it out on them, it makes me feel better when I yell out the window to get job, change their clothes, do something productive with their lives it's terrible but it makes me feel better about myself
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

Well that's a little insane.
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

Every once in a while, I'd hand out a few bucks or bottled water.

One day I asked a "will work for food " guy.
Do you want to work for 7 hrs, for $80.00?

doing what ? picking up shingles, " f that he said, Got $10 bucks he asked, nope just $80..

guess he didn't need it that bad...
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

Originally Posted by fast fred View Post
we are starting to get them where I live, since the interstate runs through our county, they don't last more than a couple days because of the cold

so when I'm having a bad day I just take it out on them, it makes me feel better when I yell out the window to get job, change their clothes, do something productive with their lives it's terrible but it makes me feel better about myself

That is terrible. You shouldn't have posted that.

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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

dogs are family..not animals..
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

What I notice sometimes is the signs these guys/gals hold are lettered by the same hand. The writing is very similar, the misspelled words are also a clue that "some" of the people out there are organized and work for a group or an individual....kinda like a pimp.

I'll spot the same sign held by different people at different locations on different days.

The local newspaper had a story that many are organized and come from out of state to feed on us....
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

I've always wondered where they get the magic markers to make those signs. It not you can find one under a park bench. And in the rare instance that you ever find a marker, most times it's dried out and not usable.

I was watching a video interview of the Ted Williams guy who was the radio announcer before he ended up on the street. He said that if you ever want to give a homeless guy something other than money, give him a pair of socks. That's the next best thing that you can give them because chances are that they've been walking around in the same pair of socks for at least a week or so. He said that every other day he would find a gas station restroom where he would rinse and wring his socks out in the sink and then let them hang dry on a fence at the back of the building.

But when I see them at the traffic light I don't get mad at them as it is the kind of gig that takes a lot of courage to do. Other than standing there while the people they know laugh at them, they encounter all of the life threats, the nasty remarks, getting spit on, having things thrown at them, etc.

The only ones that annoy me are the ones that camp out in front of the convenient store and harass everyone that's going in or out. They are easy to detect when I pull into the parking lot. When I see the guy standing out there seemingly minding his own business, I know he is up to something when his eyes follow me all over the parking lot as I choose a space. Sometimes I have no problem with telling the guy NO but other times I'm just not interested in the interaction and I may even go to another store just to avoid the confrontation.

Then the type that irks me the most are the ones with the hard luck stories that just don't add up. e.g. "I'm out of gas and I live 2 states away and I need to pick up my daughter and take her to the hospital because she is about to have a baby. "

Ummm.. why did you drive out here if you didn't have enough gas to get home?
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Re: Thoughts On Intersection Panhandlers

We don't get many around here - it's a fairly rural area and there are still vagrancy laws that some of the local PD's like to enforce. When I do see them I go with gut on whether or not they are legit. I sometimes give them money but will more often run to a fast food joint and get some food to take back to them, in the winter I will give them food and a couple of those cheap fleece blankets from the dollar store.

Are all of them legit? Maybe not...but a good deed wasted is still a good deed. There was a point in my life that I was pretty close to being one of them dude - giving them a little something is my way of saying thanks that I got off that path.


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