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Re: Perspective

You titled your thread - "perspective" Mike, not me.

If you think the media you saw reporting this 'factoid' was doing so to give accolades to Apple for how big they are, well... okay. I guest we can play along if that's what you want to say now.

It's obviously just my fantasy that the media reported this to put 'perspective' on the coming debt ceiling vote and to imply that the US government is running out of cash even as we speak and looky hear, even Apple has more cash than the Treasury! I apologize for turning your political factoid into something political.

Please don't run off for a second time to pout.
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Re: Perspective

IMO what the government has in the bank and what they are telling us is in the bank are two different things. They need sort of IRS that they should report to.
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Re: Perspective

GAC - general accounting office. But they are government employees working there I believe.
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Re: Perspective

Originally Posted by JBM View Post
Or electing iPolititians lol.
Or start electing everyday men and women instead of career politicians
When you rob Peter to pay Paul, chances are pretty good you will receive Paul's vote. Apparently the object of the game is to create more Pauls than Peters....What happens when the Peters can no longer support the Pauls? .
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Re: Perspective

Originally Posted by Mike's Plumbing View Post
@ Mike Finley

This topic has nothing to do with what you said, it's simply a funny factoid to put things into perspective at just how big Apple is.

If I wanted to make this about politics I would of put this in the politics section. I just found this to be interesting, if you don't than don't comment. Regardless, I would still take Apples balance sheet over the Federal Governments any day of the week.

Yea maybe so but I'd rather take the salary of a typical Federal Clown politico any day any time. Imagine making $300+ grand a year for doing absolutely nothing? The best health care on earth? The total cost of living is free meaning your salary is not needed except for the daily high class prostitutes available. The bribes to vote one way or another? Free jet. Free limo. Pension double what their salary was. Free food of the highest quality.

All that for a job that supposedly is to serve the people. Yea sure.

I see more proof that we need a business man to run the country like a business rather then useless politicians that have done not one shred of good since the beginning of time.


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