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Getting Started In Weightlifting

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Re: Getting Started In Weightlifting

wow so much good info, thanks guys! I've got lots of things I can do. Someone asked, and yea I'm 61, 232 lbs. Not so busy these days! had only one customer so far this year, so finishing carpentry is not in such demand where I live.

Too much time at home here! I did a baseboard job the other week and I was absolutely bagged at the end - way out of shape. figured that I gotta do something or I will invite other health problems. Don't have any now, but as I'm told it's the age of heart issues/diabetes etc etc.

My good buddy from high school is a real mess, he has diabetes, high blood pressure etc etc. He's pushin 300 lbs. He has no job at all since the mill closed near where he lives.

Kinda scares me, I want to be here for a lot longer yet, so that's the main motivation behind my wanting to start weightlifting. A little bit at a time though, I am not fond of pain LOL
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Re: Getting Started In Weightlifting

I'm really big on powerlifting, squats, deadlifts and benchpress is about 80% of what I do in the gym. Keeping the muscle mass up with a healthy body fat percentage (12-18% is ideal IMO) does a good job preventing injury.

When I see weightlifting I think powerlifting and maybe thats not what you're thinking but nonetheless I'd suggest starting with a good cardio routine + fast-paced circuit training to get yourself into shape so you can handle more advanced routines. You need to get in shape to get in shape lol
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Re: Getting Started In Weightlifting

You need to get in shape to get in shape... haha never heard that before. Makes sense though.
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Re: Getting Started In Weightlifting

Core exercises 2-3x week. Rest & Eat clean. It's that simple. In my early-mid 20s I was throwing up insane amounts of weight. It takes a toll on your body. Im paying for it now, all I got out of it are some stories and a bad back.
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Re: Getting Started In Weightlifting

Originally Posted by JR Shepstone View Post
Forget the weightlifting.

Get the P90X DVDs. Get some resistance bands and a pull up bar. It's a great workout. You will be sore. But it does work.

And don't even go full bore into it. Do the other exercise videos first to get yourself "in workout shape" and to develop a routine.
Yes, I know, zombie thread back from the dead.

I was going through some things here and stumbled across this post that I made, and am here to rescind my previous comments for future readers.

Anyway, the reason I'm doing this is because I made uninformed comments while suffering from a case of rectal-cranial inversion and have just seen the light.

October 7, 2016 (it was a Friday after work) I walked into a small local gym and signed my sorry ass up. I had spent several years doing P90X, general d!cking around, and lots of feeling sorry for myself. In the days leading up to that Friday, I had started doing research about weightlifting routines, diets, exercises, etc, etc. I found one that I felt suited my needs and goals (to just make it a habit to go) at the time. I haven't looked back since.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't changed my body in one of those 3 month, flab-to-fab success stories. I haven't found my Adonis belt yet (it might be in my garage somewhere). I haven't made the scale move much because I haven't focused on my diet as much as I should be. But I have made changes physically and mentally, the latter being the best. I look forward to working out, I feel bad skipping workouts, and if I don't feel like going (yes, it happens) I usually drag my ass there and once the PWO kicks in, I can stay all night. I never felt this way doing P90X.

Don't get me wrong, if P90X or something similar works for you, great! Don't fret about how to do it, just do something.

Like I said, I don't know what made me write this up, but I do know this: I see a lot of guys in the trades who are beat up, banged up, worn out, out of shape, just struggling in the day-to-day grind of going to work and living life. I. Don't. Want. To. Be. That. Guy. I have no immediate goals of being a bodybuilder. I don't care if I can deadlift 4 plates for reps (but that is some great street cred, and if I do it, you'll hear about it). But I do know that I want to start one healthy habit at a time. I want to look good (for me AND to keep the wife's motor running high). I NEED to be strong for the work I do. And I need something that gives me the time to clear my head, focus on the iron, and lets me escape for an hour or so to get away from all of life's little crap so I can focus on Number 1 (that would be me).

In the words of robertfrank615 (Instagram star):

Swole is the goal.
Size is the prize.
It's gainz o'clock motherf***ers.

And for those of you needing a little extra motivation.
Only drink 23, that way they won't have a case against you.
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Re: Getting Started In Weightlifting

Good going, it's a great habit. I have been lifting since I was a teen. I go through stages now where I go at it until Im wiped out keeping up with work but never stay away long. Feeling strong is feeling alive and it's a good mental stress reducer.


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