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Father's Day

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Father's Day

Just curious, how many of you learned your trade from your father?
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water re-locater
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Re: Father's Day

Grandfather was a roofer and tin knocker. My dad did roofing, siding and gutters. Started working with as a kid during the summers and took over in 1992 after he passed away


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Jaws (06-21-2015)
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Re: Father's Day

My dad's a nurse practitioner in the surgical ICU. Nothing wrong with it, but some of the horror stories he'd tell after swing shifting from nights and days of 12 hour shifts made me want to steer clear of health care.

My childhood best friend's dad was a framer turned GC, a combination of seeing how well he did for himself and falling in love with making things in a welding course in high school turned me towards the trades.
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Re: Father's Day

My dad still can't believe I like carpentry. He hates building stuff. But he used to do electronic repairs in the military (radar tech), then he was a cable tech, now he farms. None of those appeal to me in the slightest.
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The Sheriff

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Re: Father's Day

I did. My grandpa was a builder/carpenter, he taught my dad ( his son in law) from age 15 until 18 when he went into the service. They worked together for three years when he got out.

Been on jobsites all my life, knew i wanted to do what im doing now at 12- 13.
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blacktop (06-21-2015)
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Re: Father's Day

Great Great Grandfather Samuel was a cabinet maker. Great Grandfather W.C was a farmer carpenter (I have his planes, hand tools). Grandfather Lee Built homes, pre-fab'd homes in the late 50's, carpenter, cabinet maker, built aluminum awnings.... My dad Wm Sr. wood worker, finish carpenter. Then there's me, Jr. I am who I is, LOL. Son Austin started working for me /training a month and a half ago.

Pretty cool fathers day in that respect. Wish my Dad was still with us to see Austin. THo maybe not, he's be saying see!? See? SEE!!!! what I had to put up with when you were his age. Then I'd tell him "I blame him I can do what I can do". He didn't like that much for some reason.

Happy fathers day to all!

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Re: Father's Day

Pop taught me ! His Brother taught him . etc... Goes back a ways .

3rd generation drywaller here. Looks like It might stop here too . I hope!
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Re: Father's Day

I learned some contracting from my father, he's 91 years old so much has changed since then. However he instilled a good work ethic in me. I think the most valuable contracting lesson I learned from him was to treat subs as one of your most valued assets. He was a metal stud framing contractor, drywall and insulation. He was a sub in the trades. I can remember him saying alot that if he had all the money owed to him he'd be a rich man. I heard that a lot from him growing up. Although he did fairly large projects and GC'S were notorious for tying up money.
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Jaws (06-21-2015)
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Re: Father's Day

Grandfather was a cabinet maker, machinist/tool maker. Running joke was he worked to 1/64", and could split that in half if needed. Father is a home builder/GC now, when he was younger built/installed kitchens out of his own cabinet shop.

Both were masters at building jigs for whatever was needed.
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Re: Father's Day

I did not.

I do bother him with incessant questions about things I can't figure my way out of though.
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Re: Father's Day

My dad could and would build pretty much anything. I guess that's where I get my love for a crazy challenge.
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Capra aegagrus

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Re: Father's Day

My dad was an old school farmer. That meant being able to do anything from handling crops and livestock to building a barn or cabinets for the kitchen. About the only time I saw him pay someone else to do something was blacksmith work or TV repair.

His example taught me to feel embarrassed if I couldn't figure out how to do something with my own hands.
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Re: Father's Day

No, self taught. My father is like the guy from the old Home Improvement tv show. Total showoff who can't fix anything. Thank god, I never inherited his genes when it comes to trade skills.
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Re: Father's Day

I can say that my dad was the one who exposed me to my trade. He could paint and frame better than anyone else I've ever seen but his plumbing and electrical work showed me many examples of what NOT to do.

So I can say that indirectly I learned from him simply because he allowed me to learn at his expense. I'm sure that whatever it cost him to finance my screwups and experiments on the jobsite was much less than subbing out a skilled tradesman so it worked out for both of us.
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Re: Father's Day

Originally Posted by Tinstaafl View Post
My dad was an old school farmer. That meant being able to do anything from handling crops and livestock to building a barn or cabinets for the kitchen. About the only time I saw him pay someone else to do something was blacksmith work or TV repair.

His example taught me to feel embarrassed if I couldn't figure out how to do something with my own hands.
Sounds a lot like my grandfather, who raised me for the most part. Instilled in me the "figure it out" ethic. I was in my late 30s before it ever occurred to me that I didn't have to do all of my own mechanic work.

If a vehicle needed maintenance or repair my first thought had always been that I hope I had time to get it done. My wife one time asked me why I didn't just take it in to the shop. I told her grown men know how to fix their own cars. It would embarrass me to pay another man to turn wrenches on my stuff.

Eventually I got over it as sometimes it just makes more sense. Still bothers me though.
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Re: Father's Day

My old man is a forty-five year carpenter and is old school as they come. Everything I know about carpentry I learned from him. I have been on job sites all my life and after college I just started working for him because it's what I loved to do.

Then, one day he decided he never wanted to go look at jobs again, didn't want to do any bookkeeping, and just wanted to be told where to go to work and go work there. So, I took over everything and we have been that way ever since. It's pretty neat to show him a thing or two now days. Like every time I break out the track saw, or figure something on the build calc app, or show him any of the million things I have learned on here. Almost like things coming full circle.
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Re: Father's Day

My dad taught me just about everything I know. Not much about carpentry though. The most important things he taught me though had nothing to do with specific skills. I look around at most of the people my age and the younger generation and thank god he did. I should probably tell him that a little more


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