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"Das Boot"

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"Das Boot"

"Das Boot"
Anyone see it?
It's a German production of a 1941 German u-boat.

I watched it for the 1st time last night. I found myself mesmerized by it. I constantly watch WWII docs, & movies, but this has a totally realistic feel of what it was like on a WWII sub. I put it up there with "Saving Private Ryan" in realism.

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Re: "Das Boot"

3-4 times. Love it.
I think a real depiction of the way things were.


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Re: "Das Boot"

Oh yeah great flick! Vastly better than U571.

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Re: "Das Boot"

I've seen it a few times, love [email protected]
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Re: "Das Boot"

Saw it with my dad in the theater forever and a day ago. Probably should watch it again. Always like war movies.
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Re: "Das Boot"

It is a must watch. A very rare true classic.

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Re: "Das Boot"

After these came out the life expectancy on a German U-boat dramatically declined, think they had the highest death rate of any branch of the Armed Forces on either side, almost tantamount to a death sentence to go out on one
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Re: "Das Boot"

I was watching a documentary that was interviewing a crew member and he said the scariest is when they were being depth charged and every crew member always looked up at the ceiling for some reason knowing that if one hit in the right spot just below the hull it was instant death...I couldn’t even imaging

Also life on board was pretty miserable, no showering, hot miserable and wet with the smell of diesel fuel and body odor.

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