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Classic Mike Rowe

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Capra aegagrus

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Classic Mike Rowe
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe



When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

That was awesome two thumbs up
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

That ain't working, that's the way you do it.
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

Awesome talk, I love that guy
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

That was great, what an awesome presentation.

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Originally Posted by mnld View Post
Home Depot... you can glue it, we can help!
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

I love Mike Rowe and his comments make SO much sense.

Number One favorite comment: "What if OSHA got it wrong? What if it's not 'Safety First'? What if it's 'Safety Third'"?

Number Two: "We've declared war on work. It's a cold war; a civil war. We have waged this war on at least four fronts. The way we portray working people on TV, it's laughable. If there's a plumber, he's 300 pounds and has a giant butt crack. We turn them into heros or we turn them into punchlines."

IMHO, this lack of skilled tradesmen is one of the reasons America is tottering on the abyss of failure.

I've got a buddy who is 94-years-old and in EXCELLENT physical health and in 1934, his father taught him how to weld. Yeah, age 14, he was welding in his dad's automotive shop.

He spent the next several decades earning a good living as an accomplished welder.

Eighty years later, he's still welding and building things and doing small jobs, right there in his shop at Ocean View (in Norfolk).

He's an awesome guy and knows a million and one things about a million and one topics, but do we have any 20-somethings following in his footsteps?

I don't think so.

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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

Tin. thank you for sharing that. I think what he said couldn't have come at a better time for me and my new business.

Thanx again.

I am going to share that as well.
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Re: Classic Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe,

Was kinda wondering were this was going in the first 5 mins, after that, I was hooked.

Great clip!!!

Thanks Tin!


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