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Anyone Watched 'Murder Mountain"?

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Anyone Watched 'Murder Mountain"?

What'd you think of it?

I, of course, have my own opinions about it.

Here's the Sheriff's response to it. I thought his response was pretty good.
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Re: Anyone Watched 'Murder Mountain"?

I saw that series and found it fascinating in some respects with protracted dull points.
The weird people that live in the area and there are more than a few are really interesting at times.
Some of the conspiracies are as weird as some of the inhabitants though and not very believable.

People are murdered or go missing in all counties and I guess when you lump illegal and (weirdly) legal cannabis operations together with some colorful local characters it makes for good TV.

I think that the Sheriff's response was excellent.



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Re: Anyone Watched 'Murder Mountain"?

We started watching it. We're not much for TV except when we go to bed so haven't gotten through many. The first 2 we're good, the next one or two were pretty boring...

Seemed kind of like they're just dragging it out to be a series. I thought it funny to watch the potheads whine about taxes, permits, and regulations
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Re: Anyone Watched 'Murder Mountain"?

I read somewhere that illegal pot in California is on the rise....cheaper then legal taxed weed.....imagine that. I can remember when untaxed cigarettes were the deal.
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Re: Anyone Watched 'Murder Mountain"?

[QUOTE=Deckhead;7453095 I thought it funny to watch the potheads whine about taxes, permits, and regulations[/QUOTE]

That and crying about "big business" running them out of business. They came across as a bunch of slackers who don't know how to get a real job.
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