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kentdalimp 01-29-2018 08:11 PM

Sisal Wallcovering
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I post a lot on Painttalk, but have been so buys I haven't been here in a while. I figured you guys might get a kick out of this post!

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As always seems to happen, The first part of December we have something come up that will delay our traveling crews from getting home for Christmas. Being the dummy that I am, I typically end up going out to help them finish.

This year we had a crew (2 guys) that had to install Sisal Wallcovering in a Church back in North Carolina. One of the guys being my brother and feeling somewhat responsible for him being out, I left CA on Redeye on12/11, flew to Raleigh, stopped at Waffle House (Which they don't have West past Phoenix AZ)

We had a large back wall and they couldn't figure out how we were going to do the install. The pieces were 25'x13' and weigh roughly 200 lbs. You can't hand this stuff like normal paper because there is not enough tack to hold the materials up while you work your way down the wall. It was on a stage at a chapel that wouldn't have been able to handle a lift, and we really didn't have time to track down and wait for a scaffold solution. Finally we decided to drive Eye-Lags into the ceiling and hoist it with Pulleys. We would Glue up from the bottom and worked our way to the top. It turned out ok, but I realized ultimately that I am getting to old for this crap! 2 weeks and over 200 hours later (each) we finished all the work in the church and finally flew home on 12/23, much to the ire of my wife who was left to do all of the Christmas prep on her own.

The one saving Grace was we were withing Driving Distance to a BBQ place called Shuler's (Latta SC) which we discovered almost 5 years ago wile working in SC. If you have never been, Do yourself a favor. Word cannot express how good it is.

That being said, I hope nobody ever has to install Sisal Wallcovering. I have done enough in my career for 10 or more people. It's not worth the headache.

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