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How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

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How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

How do you deal with fatigue?-contractorfatigue-lge.jpg

Fatigue isnít some trendy buzzword: itís a very real, serious medical condition. It can have a variety of causes, but ultimately the result is the same Ė being too tired, inattentive and weak to safely complete the job at hand. As a contractor, youíre at risk of fatigue simply because of the physically demanding nature of the job. Your risk increases with exposure to extreme job sites and exposure to hazardous materials sometimes used for your work. Fatigue and You: 5 Things You Need to Know
How do you deal with fatigue on the jobsite in a healthy manner? What steps do you take to ensure you get enough rest?
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Eat a light lunch, as most. Hydrate, and keep things in perspective.


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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Try to go to bed early, get up early. If I go to bed late, I get up early and the "nap couch" in my office may get some use lol

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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

There is only one way to get rid of stress and fatigue
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

I started eating pineapple, it's a great anti-inflammatory, good on the joints
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

7-8 hours sleep for me.
i go to bed around 10:30-11.
even if a great movies on . wife hates it
but i hate waking up tired .

you know ,i did change my eating this year ,because ,,of a knee injury , and . i`m too heavy .
it has given me so much more energy.
i though last year that i was just getting old, that was the reason i was so lethargic .( i`m 60 this year)
but i do have a lot more energy just eating right, and drinking water.
not exciting , but hey . it works.
lost about 12 pounds so far ,( got 40 to go!!)
and the knee isn't hurting
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

I try to get more sleep, but usually fail.

I tend to drive on until I can't drive no more. Then I'll just take a sudden down day to deal with what's stressing me.

Today will probably be one of those days. Should be trying to finish a long drug out remodel, but it will wait until next week. I've been going for weeks on end and can feel the tiredness creeping in. Things are heavier, little things get me ticked off easier, etc., so I'll chill a bit today and gather stuff for work this weekend. Not a real day off, but a no stress day none the less.

I too have been drinking more water, lots more. It has helped a lot. More energy and focus.

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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

I am 50 and I too have been eating better and loosing a bit of weight, feel so much better. I need to do better at drinking more water.
I believe in shutting the job down by 5pm, it will all be there tomorrow. I believe the working endless long hours will lead to burnout and accidents. Those days are behind me.
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Lazy Millennial
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

I'm still young but man does having adequate sleep make a huge difference for me. I'm miserable with less than 7 hours sleep. I try to shut things down about 9 pm and start winding down and be asleep by 10.
Originally Posted by mnld View Post
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

As I get old I seem forever tired. I try to sleep a lot and eat well.
My coworker eats reds at work ,, what a kook.
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

I'm 69-years old and never experienced getting fatigued. The harder and more physical work the better because it is like an all-day workout at the gym. I don't get fatigued because I love every bit of what I do. I can work 18 hours, get 4 to 6 hours of sleep and I'm ready for another 16 to 18 hours.

I credit my energy with loving what I do and eating right. I am 5' - 7" and weigh 165 pounds. I am sort of a vegan (not extreme) where I eat mostly home-made chili every day, home-made green pea soup, oatmeal, sugarless cereals, tons of fruits and the only liquids I drink are water and almond milk for the cereal. Almost zero meats and dairy products. We steam the small red potatos and corn at night when we are watching movies, but no butter.

The best thing I ever purchased for eating better was an Instant Pot pressure cooker. Just put my frozen chili and soups in it while doing something else and the food tastes many times better than using a microwave. There is no mess and the pressure cooker is super simple to clean.

It has gotten strange at my house because in the past year, my wife, two children and I started bringing our lunches every day in thermos bottles and everyone brings rice, pea soup, chili and oatmeal wherever they go. We even bring the same food when we go on vacation, long bicycle trips and to the shopping malls on Sundays. I figure that we save $5,000 to $8,000 every year by not eating at restaurants and we are eating much healthier foods.

I recommend two books to almost every person I meet and every person, interested in better health should read these two books even if they don't have current medical problems. These two books will teach you how to eat right and I found them a lot of fun to read.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition.

Reversing Diabetes.

Within 3 days I stopped my Metformin diabetes pills and my sugar level dropped to the normal range. My A1C dropped from 9.1 to 6.1 during my first 90 days after changing my diet and my cholesterol level dropped from a high to normal by staying away from poultry, dairy and meats.
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

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How do you deal with fatigue?-548f26fb-ee25-4668-9e84-5d1e52cc9f6c.jpeg  
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Lots of red bull.

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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
Attachment 475099

How do you deal with fatigue on the jobsite in a healthy manner? What steps do you take to ensure you get enough rest?
Caffeine, nicotine and fear, works for me.

Seriously though, weight loss, eating light, little or no sugar, eating early in the evening, aerobic and some anaerobic exercise at least once a week (even if it's just a good long walk). what we do is physical but it's not exercise, raising your heart rate for periods of time is. Don't eat ANY fast food and very little red meat, not that you can't have any, it's just your body can process meat, just not tons of it everyday.
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Caffeine, ginseng and occasionally creatine to keep me going. I have fridges and microwave ovens at the locations I work so I'm able to leave food on site and prepare a hot drink or meal at my convenience.

Favorite drink is hot chocolate which I make using cocoa, powdered milk, frozen berries and stevia (natural sweetener). It provides fluid, caffeine, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, fiber, Vitamins A,C & D along with lots of bioflavonoids. Meal replacement in a cup! Can be served cold if desired too.

Sleep depends on how hectic things are.
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Fire my crew.
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

Try not to work hard enough to get to that point

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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

eating an apple gives me a good boost of energy for a couple of hours..Just as effective as a red bull and much better for you.
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Re: How Do You Deal With Fatigue?

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