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Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

Originally Posted by ohiohomedoctor View Post
Nobody guts and finishes in one day.
There's a few company's around here who advertise one day bathrooms. What's funny is they have pics on their trailers and vans of silly high end 300+sqft bathrooms which there's no way your doing in one day. Prob wouldn't even knock them out in 4-5 weeks if it was just me doing them. I guess once you hire them what choice have you got other than wait for it to be done.
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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
In an unusual turn of events, I was a dick.
That's signature worthy right there
If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place ~Lao Tzu

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Jaws (11-12-2012)
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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

Gimmicks are just that, gimmicks.. I prefer properly managed expectations and highly efficient installations.
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The Sheriff

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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

Originally Posted by ohiohomedoctor View Post
I have done 3 days before with tub surrounds. 4 days with tile showers. Thats cruzing though. I like to schedule a full week for bath remods.
Remodel or reno?

You aint remodeling a bath in a week here. You have to gut, cut concrete to move plumbing, then:


Inspect EMPS


Inspect Insulation


Inspect drywall

Install mud pan, flood test

Then finish up, and get a CO

Reno? Still hqve to inspect EMPs, and get a CO.

If Im remodeling a bathroom, I get all fixtures, tile, ect... and if possible even the vanity's built (if its not moving) That will help with keeping it efficient. Im not in a race, not the rep I want or need.

Its hilarious to me when I see "custom" builders gut a kitchen , having already built the cabinets. Can you say filler strips?
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EricBrancard (11-12-2012)
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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

It's a little different where I am as it would be rare to have to cut concrete to move plumbing unless the bathroom was in the basement. But the inspections would be the time eaters. Especially in the towns that dont' have full time building officials or the towns who only inspect in the afternoon or evening.
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Jaws (11-12-2012)
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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

Rebath isnt really a contracting company..its a marketing and sales organization. Actually a franchise. That whores itself out to low bidders.

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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

Originally Posted by BCConstruction View Post
Just spoke to a possible customer about doing a bathroom for them. I come recommended to them and they already had Re-Bath out there a few months back. Get this though. Just to do the bath and bath walls it was $8700 I had to ask if she was mistaken and they didn't mean $870 as they said they would be done in a day

I understand that having the job done quickly costs money but this kind of money. I told her I could do a full tear out of the entire bathroom and top of the line materials for that kind of money but it will take longer than a day.

What amazes me is these guys are stupidly busy in this area. Do people have no sense on what value is anymore or are these sales people for these company's that good?
Did you mean you could do the tub and surround in top of the line materials for $8,700.00 or the whole bath in top of the line materials for $8,700.00?
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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

I did a recon/repair of a Re-Bath shower stall, and it wasn't pretty.

Soft spot and bubbling on wall/floor at corner of pan, I do some "destructive" investigation to really see what's going on.

Find that they didn't do a great job of sealing the drain to the pan, and it had been leaking in between the "new" pan and existing tile shower they laid their stuff over. Apparently, for A LONG TIME.

Only reason my client didn't end up standing in the crawl-space was due to the fact that it hadn't rotted through the 4"x6" support(post/beam house) that /happened/ to run about center under the 2"x6" car-decking sub-floor... that was, at that point, completely rotted.

Re-bath stuff has it's place, somehere, it's just not a long-term commitment.
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Re: Re-Bath Prices Are Out Of This World!

I have gone on several occasions to finish Re-bath jobs. I am doing one next week, and have one scheduled for the first of the year as a matter of fact. As far as I know, the polymer tub inserts and shower surrounds are a good product, but that is not a "bathroom remodel" in one day.


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