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Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

From the cleveman-

Neglected to say that I thinset the countertop backerboard and underlayment down, so the screws probably don't matter. I mean by this that the underlay (densshield) is mortared and screwed to 3/4" plywood which is mortared and screwed to the cabinet tops (3/4" plywood), which are rabetted to the back and sides of the cabinet. Sorry, but it's just going to be a bear to rip out.

If you think it is as easy to drive the screws from the bottom up (as you are laid out inside a cabinet with your back on the ground) as it is standing up and driving them straight down from on high, then go ahead and do it. Perhaps you'd like to toenail your floor sheathing on from below as well in order to make the tear out easier. I'm sure that it is as easier to install the fasteners from below as from above.

I got some guff about the porcelain countertops. I've installed a lot of them in my own spec houses, rental homes, and for customers. People talk about how difficult it is to clean the epoxy grout. If it is difficult to clean the epoxy grout, isn't it difficult to clean the tile? The epoxy is as impervious as it gets!

Allah! I was at a tile house today and I looked at their new offerings. They have porcelain about 1/2" thick and I can't tell it from granite. Up to 2'x2' tiles. I don't think these are that appropriate for counters, but what a material!

You frugal miscreants! How dare you criticize me for my entry level porcelain countertops? They are just for paupers and your granite is becoming mid-level at best. I'm coming out with a diamond-encrusted countertop which all the cool kids must have. Angelina Jolie handed out samples at the latest Sundance film festival wherever in Utah. This initial marketing expense has set me back, but you'll be hearing from me soon.

I'm fixing to attach an icon to this, and it will be a guy with a dunce cap in case you don't recognize it.

clever without the "r".
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

There are so many things wrong with that post, I'm at a loss where to begin.

Your attitude is all too common, unfortunately...
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

I do a lot of concrete tops, built in place. I use either wood(same as cab) or metal(angle iron, welded corners) forms and leave them in place as the finished edge. I do a lot of metal work on my projects so the metal edge ties in with the other welding on the house. I have used both regular grey portland and white portland, and of couse you have a myriad of stain options. I estimate $40sq/ft for white portland w/ welded edge and two part epoxy sealer, and yes, I'm making profit on that as well. Customers LOVE it.
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

Right now I sell more granite then any other surface, and we fabricate just about every surface that can be used for countertops. Yes granite does need to be sealed, every 6 months is recommended. Sealing granite is a very simple process. Most sealers are in spray form, spray the counter let it sit for 5 mins then wipe off with a clean white cloth. Keep in mind all granite will need to be sealed. There is a new sealant on the market, that is applied by the fabricator that is a 15 yr sealant. Dupont also makes a 10 yr seal on selected granites that you could look into just keep in mind that any of the long term sealed granites will cost more money. if you decide to go the long term sealant route, make sure you read the warrenty carefully because there is a lot of do's and dont's that will very easily void your warranty. Someone also posted to look into silestone. silestone is a very nice product, but it will not take the heat like granite will. silestone (all quartz products) advertises that they are heat and stain resistant, not proof, it is written right on there brochures. they will not warranty any damage do to eccessive heat, or staining. there are goods and bads about every surface out there, you just got to find the one that fits your needs the best.
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

Granulux (sp) looks like granite but it's a sprayed on epoxy, more than lammy tops, cheaper than granite, and they don't look bad.
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

Granite is a very good material. It's strong, good price and large selection. Yes, if you want your granite/marble countertop to have good shine, you should use sealer every 6 months. I highly suggest using "511 Impregnator", give a good shine and maximum protection on your countertop. Similar to waxing cars, wax them can protect the paint and give a good shine.
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

soapstone is nice and you can fabricate it using wood tools.

Icestone is the green option for granite. there are all sorts of options from laminates to recycled paper!
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top

After looking around for a few years, we ended up going for "Cambria" cultured quartz for our personal home. It has the best features of all we ran across, other than price. It's the only one manufactured in the state, has much nicer colors (according to decorators), & is priced the same for all available colors. It's not unbreakable, but is the closest thing to it in the solids. No maintenance required, & should last the lifetime of the kitchen. We love ours.
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It is what it is
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Re: Looking To Change Kitchen Counter Top



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