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Contractor Insurance For Summer Dangers

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Contractor Insurance For Summer Dangers

Contractor Insurance for Summer Dangers

In summer, a construction site presents the danger of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. You and your employees could experience any or all of the following: dizziness; fatigue; nausea and vomiting; headaches; blistering of the skin; fever or chills; delirium.

In extreme cases, you and your crew face potential fatal heat stroke and other symptoms severe enough for the person to be admitted to the hospital.

So, besides health and safety precautions, what can you do to protect your employees during the summer months?

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation can be a godsend for both employees and employers. This policy offers coverage for:
  • Wage replacement benefits provide financial coverage if the injury is severe enough that the employee is off work for some time.
  • Ensures that injured workers get the medical care that they need but might not be able to afford themselves.
  • Provides for vocational rehabilitation
Taking a moment to consider the summer risks to construction workers will help you be proactive in ensuring that your insurance coverage will protect both you and your workers. By protecting everyone on the site with Workers Comp insurance covers will reduce both your stress.

Workers Compensation Insurance also protects employers from financial hardship by covering costs that would otherwise come out of the employer’s pocket.

Course of Construction Insurance

But, what about the construction site itself? Is it susceptible to summer dangers?

Yes, in summer many areas are faced with additional seasonal dangers like lightning strikes; mudslides; wind storms; and on-site explosions. (Pressurized cans are such a common item on construction sites that they are often overlooked as a safety hazard.)

If you work in an area where these dangers are heightened in summer, it is prudent to invest in Course of Construction Insurance for your projects. Also called Builder’s Risk, this is a per-project policy that protects the structure you are working on. It can be a ground-up, renovation or remodelling contract. Be sure to include coverage or extensions that specify summer dangers.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

The biggest benefits of Builder’s Risk are property replacement in the event of a covered risk, and protection of your profit. For only 1-4% of the construction cost, your policy could protect you from loss of profit caused by project delays, building ordinance changes or adverse weather. For example, summer winds often cause damage to in-progress buildings, such as blowing down hoarding or an unsecured roof.

Insurance Choices

However, even though Builder’s Risk seems like the way to go, you should remember that this policy does not include Workers Compensation. It only protects your (or the team working on the contract) investment in the building contract. So, there is no coverage for bodily injury to you or your employees.

Another thing that Builder’s Risk does not cover is liability. A third-party (for example, your client or a visitor to the site) could bring a liability claim against you for damage to their property as a result of your work. You could also be sued for bodily injury they sustain on your building site. For this, you will need to have your General Liability insurance up to date.

No one policy provides coverage for all the risks a contractor business faces, no matter the season.

The Importance of Year-Round Insurance

Apart from Builder’s Risk Insurance which can only be taken for the duration of a specific project, other insurance policies provide day-to-day protection. Your General Liability and Workers Comp will travel with you and your crew from construction site to construction site.

However, you may only work in the summer months. Do you have to buy annual coverage? Insurance companies do not like to sell business insurance for only a few months at a time. Many only offer annual policies.

This can be very frustrating for seasonal contractors such as landscapers who may only work in summer months. Why do you need insurance when your business lies dormant in the winter? This can seem a little like paying Greens Fees when the golf course is under three feet of snow.

But there are advantages to a year-round policy that are worth considering.
  • Tools and equipment can be damaged, destroyed or stolen even if they are stored in a secure place during the off season. Year-round insurance coverage will save you a lot of money in replacement costs.
  • Injuries sustained by someone on your property or equipment will be your responsibility even if the property or equipment are not in use at the time. For example, kids can easily be hurt playing on landscaping equipment such as tractors and ride-on mowers.. Your business will be responsible even though that equipment is parked and not being used at the moment.
Summer presents its own special risks and dangers. For any Contractors Insurance queries, contact the experts at Farmer Brown. Call (888) 973-0016
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