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Website Question

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Website Question

Hey guys,

Iíve been kicking the idea around for a while of having a page on my site this is ďTrusted trade partnersĒ or something to that extent.

Essentially have contact/website info for my sub trades that I trust and recommend on a regular basis. Both as a way to give back to the guys who help me succeed and to get some extra content on the site.

Worth it?
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Re: Website Question

That sounds more like giving away one's business advantage which takes a while to establish, cultivate, vet, etc...before you reach that level of trust. Maybe it's better to refer privately (or not) as you see fit. And besides, do they even want to be listed like that, for any random person to call?

Heck, most businesses have moved away from naming even their own people on their sites because the rest of the world is looking for any shortcut to those good people, businesses, etc.


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Re: Website Question

Will allow your customers to go directly to your subs and cut you out.

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Re: Website Question

Most of the people in my field do exactly that. They list them as “Partners” and even post their company logos all over the page. It’s a double edged sword in my opinion. On one side depending on some of the “Partners” reputations, could make your company look better. On the other side like someone already mentioned, they could take that info and cut you out.
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Re: Website Question

Iím not really concerned about being cut out. I send a lot of people directly to my sub for things that are along related to their trade.

I also donít want a customer that wants to save a few bucks and cut me out. I know most of my trades donít want them either as owner/Gc isnít usually a very well run job.

I thought it might save me a few phone calls for recommendations for other trades and be a sign of gratitude to the guys that help me provide a service.
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Re: Website Question

It would certainly be a good gesture and help to build the relationship with your trades.

As a recommendation I would suggest you let them know and ask for a link back. It will help your SEO!


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