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Piecework Tracking

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Piecework Tracking

I need some help!!

We have a small construction company and we specialize in window and door installations in new construction. We pay our guys based on what type of window or door they install and how many. Each one pays a different amount depending on size and type. Right now we are just using a Excel spread sheet which was fine in the beginning but we have since grown to 15 employees and it is very time consuming and a bit of a pain to keep track of everything as we are growing.

So my question is this, does anyone know of any type of software that is available that would work for this type piece work detail or does anyone else deal with this in your line of work or business? There has got to be an easier way!! Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: Piecework Tracking

I'd stick with the spreadsheet, or its kissing cousin, a database application. No matter what software you use, the choke point is data entry, and that's going to be there regardless.

You can make the data entry a bit less painful if you find a spreadsheet/database guru to customize the interface for you. Done well, you'd never suspect the backend was Excel, Access or whatever.

I'm not aware of a general-purpose product that would fit your situation well.


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hdavis (07-12-2019)
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Re: Piecework Tracking

Sounds like you are skating on the edge of illegal paying your men this way. If they are truly independent contractors then they need to set the price for their jobs, not you, and they need to carry all the appropriate insurances, licenses, etc.
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Defenestrate (07-12-2019)
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Re: Piecework Tracking

They are not independent contractors. They are actual employees of the company. As long as you keep track of the hours worked and make sure they meet the minimum wage requirements then it is perfectly legal.
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Re: Piecework Tracking

Are you saying the pay varies based on size? For instance a 30" door pays X, a 32" door pays Y, and a 36" door pays Z? I wouldn't think it would be worth trying to track that so specifically. Each size/pay has to be looked up, etc.

In excel, you can just have a cell/column for number of doors (of any size, all together) and a cell/column for number of windows (all together), and then multiply and add into one cell/column. Seems like it would be a lot less data entry. Granted some doors and windows are a bigger PITA to install than other types, but if you find a happy place and just use one window price and one door price, it seems like it would be better for everyone.

But maybe I'm misunderstanding how you pay.
Jim P.
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Re: Piecework Tracking

Yes to a certain extent it is like that. A single door pays X a double door pays X and so on. A single window pays X, A twin pays X ..... Basically the bigger and heavier the window or door is the more it pays. I have thought about just doing as your saying and have one price for a door and a window no matter the size but I cant really figure out a price that would be beneficial to our guys and for the company to make the profit it needs to. I don't know, maybe there is a middle ground somewhere. Just haven't really figured out where it is yet.
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Re: Piecework Tracking

IIRC, we always broke it at a 4 x 4 window, then it went to the next level. If it was a crazy 10x5 triple ***, it was more because of the hassle. Same for second story work, etc.

Single doors one price, sliders one and French doors another.

I think you are over thinking it.

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Re: Piecework Tracking

Have you looked at old numbers? I'd think you could take 3,456 installed windows, divide that by the money you've paid out and see if that would be an acceptable price for a basic window. Pay double for a complicated window and pay for that with time saved on paperwork.

Side question, if you don't mind... do you get adequate quality when you pay by the unit?


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