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Mileage Apps

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Mileage Apps

what do you have?

been offered quickbooks self employed for free, any good?

looking for simplicity, some kind of reminder (audible?) to enter info.
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Capra aegagrus

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Re: Mileage Apps

I've used a paper logbook for over 30 years. Its batteries don't die, it doesn't crash. It just works.

No reminders necessary. The book gets an entry before I reach for the ignition, whether that's to start or stop the engine.


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John the Builder
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Re: Mileage Apps

That's the problem with habits: hard to start, and hard to stop.

I got this here fancy iphone - does dictation, memos, everything, and I use every feature I can.

And yet I got me a spiral bound 8 x 11 notebook that gets filled up and stacked on the shelf with the others and then the next and the next. It goes everywhere with me.
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Re: Mileage Apps

My biggest problem with QB self employed was I could only access it from my phone.

I have since switched to mileIQ it runs on my tablet which stays in my vehicle and automatically logs my trips.

Then at the end of the day I categorize them as business or personal and add any necessary details to the trips.

I can also access it from my computer and get all the same functionality.

I found QB didn't capture all my trips. For the $50 a year I've been very happy with mileIQ as a few missed trips can easily pay for the price of the software.

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Re: Mileage Apps

I donít track mileage, however everybody I know that does track it uses the guesstimation method

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