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Is It Time To Go Out On My Own?

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Re: Is It Time To Go Out On My Own?

Originally Posted by knucklehead View Post
I would say you should talk to him and let him know you are serious. Tell him you want to be a partner or not. Sometimes it is not as easy as it looks.
That is funny? That is like asking if he wants to be a partner in crime with someone who is not even a good criminal. His boss is cheating his employee out of his social security, unemployment benefits, disability and worker's comp. I posted a link to a website a few weeks ago that showed that the fines and penalties for mis-classifying an employee as a sub contractor are horrendous and it stated that an employer can get a year or more of jail time.

If he got 4 points for the length of his post then everyone of my posts should get 104 points. What is with the points, anyway. Do I get cash back at the end of the year.

As far as going into business for himself, I always say that a person has some serious issues when he has to ask the question and having to asks tells me that he is not ready. I am not jumping out of a plane with a parachute unless I am 1,000% positive that I know what I am doing, first. I don't want no on-the-job training.

It is not really that bad. As a few posts stated, test the water and see what kind of business you can get. Don't think running a business is a piece of cake. I know many people who can sell $1 million every year. They even do the best work, but they can't last in business a few months because they can't run a business.

Incidentally, I usually repair copper pipe leaks for free when I think the customer will call later for a repipe. You can bet that the first person that customer will call will be your boss whether it is for a water heater, sewer repair, or whatever, or he will refer many people to your boss and they need large ticket items. A free job can go a long way. Every day, I tell people that if I worked all day for hourly service charge money I would have to close my shop within two months. The service charge money we collect is so small it I could give every penny away and I would see no significant difference in sales, profit nor the balance in my bank account.

As for your boss being late every day, that brings up some questions. If you are ready to start your own business why do you have to wait for your boss. Why doesn't your boss delegate more responsibility. Why haven't you grabbed the bull by the horns. Maybe, it is because you are not as ready as you think. I don't know and only you do, but I would say that if one of my employees was sitting in the vehicle waiting for me then he is not ready.

I have one more little fetish that bothers me. Wow!!! That is weird! My mind went blank in a split second. I hope Alzheimer is not kicking in.

It just came back to me and that is weird. My fetish is that I believe that a good employee and a good businessman is someone who has the ability to work with and/or work for everyone. I don't like (hate to put it that way) to work with people who don't have those abilities. If you don't have those abilities then you will will have the same problems with working with customers, your spouse, family and everyone you work with. I would rather not have an employee like yourself who does not have the ability to co-exist and make your existing relationship a great relationship. I want the employee or partner who has the ability to grab the bull by the horns and make your existing relationship into something great.

To turn your existing relationship into something great requires the same skill that you need to make your new business into something great. If you can't create a good relationship with your boss then you can't create a good relationship with your employees. Anyone can hire employees, but it takes a certain amount of effort, knowledge and wisdom to create and keep a situation where everyone is satisfied and happy for a long period of time.

Your boss probably has a lot of good qualities and benefits that are better than jumping out of a plane with little training. He already has a customer base, tools, skills, wisdom, supply accounts and a lot more. To turn your situation into something that will make you happier you need to learn to discuss your concerns with your boss in a controlled environment. Not while driving nor on the job. Tell your boss that you want an appointment where you can discuss some serious business in a quiet place where nobody will be interrupted. Write down what you are happy about, first. Then tell your boss what you are not happy about. Tell him what you want and what your plan is. Ask to be allowed to take charge of the jobs and tell him that you do not want to wait for him. Tell him you want more responsibilities like bidding jobs and that will free up his time so he can play with his cows. If he does not agree then ask him why because maybe you are not ready and maybe you are not as good as you think.

Can I have at least 20 points for this one. I'll bet my friend (won't say who) will want me to get minus 100 points. I know he really loves me and he can't wait to get home every day to write to me.

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Re: Is It Time To Go Out On My Own?

Are you able to carry the receivables, buy the materials, pay your workers...and ride this out for the jobs you might do?
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Re: Is It Time To Go Out On My Own?

Biggest problem I see here,your talking about him not being insured. If your 1099 sound like you have been working as a sub for a year with out insurance plus your taking side jobs. If you don't like the way he runs things then go somewhere else. Seems pretty simple to me.
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Re: Is It Time To Go Out On My Own?

Some people just aren't good at the business aspect of it. I would stay part time but get some things going on your own if it really bothers you to work for this guy. I don't agree with not getting paid on time but he can do business however he wants as long as you guys are not partnered in the business. So I wouldn't worry about how much he is making on each job.


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