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Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

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Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

I run a small carpentry business. I've been trying to find a door supplier that's willing to work with a little guy, but it's been a struggle.

One yard has me ordering from the desk, and won't assign a sales rep. They've screwed up every order in one way or another, and I've been gracious. Haven't raised hell. Just took my doors, fixed what needed fixing, and said I'd use someone else the next time.

So I go in to a new supplier, cash in one hand, take-offs in the other, ready to order doors and go about my day. They hand me a credit application and won't do a cash sale. I fill it out, they said they'd call me in 2 business days, 2 weeks later, they're asking for my last quarter's P&L, credit references, bank account numbers, my loan officer's contact info (don't have one), etc. I've never had a credit card and I don't have any desire to change that.

Is this just how it's done with larger suppliers? I've bought from half a dozen lumber yards, paying cash, hauling it that day or they deliver it the next. I've got good suppliers for everything else, but when it comes to ordering doors, it's always a hassle. What gives? Are there suppliers that make it easy? Bring a list, pay the cost, deliver the doors?
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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

I order my doors through my local lumber yard.

As far as credit, I don't do much business with anyone unless I have a charge account with them. Not worth my hassle to carry around a couple grand in cash every day.

I also won't wast a lot of time on credit checks. I have several local charge accounts, and they're welcome to check with them. But I'm not jumping through hoops. I've been around long enough, and if someone doesn't want to make it easy for me, they don't get my business. Period.


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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

Have you tried BMC west? One of my contractor friends really likes buying his doors thru them. I dont know if it's on account or cash though.

I go through our local lumber yard.

What part of Denver area are you in?

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5280carpenter (04-11-2019)
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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

That first yard sounds like they wear blue or orange shirts. Raise hell, don't lose time or money from their screw ups.

Are you going to door/ window only suppliers, or lumberyards? I use 3 places depending on where the job is, and at all of them at least 3 people behind the counter know me. I have 1 person at each I will contact directly for quotes, just to keep it easy for me. One has my card on file, the other just runs my card for each order.

DaVinci is around the Denver area, isn't he? He might have some recommendations if where to try

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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

I couldn't survive without credit accounts, most have net 30 terms which gives me plenty of time to get the job done and get the check in the bank. It was a pain right in the ass setting them up initially.

My first one I started with the local hardware store just to give me a reference, then I used that to start one with a bigger supplier and one other small supplier. That gave me 3 references for the bigger suppliers I use, and I still needed a trade reference along with it.

For the first year the credit limit was low, but after making every payment on time for a year I was able to get them bumped substantially.

Thinking back it was kind of a big hurdle to jump over to get the ball rolling, but I really couldn't live without having them set up.
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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

It is worth the time and effort required to set up credit with good vendors.
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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

I donít have credit accounts with anyone, I Peter to pay when I buy. That being said I do 90% of my business with two places that have my card on file. Everywhere else I have cash accounts that get me the same pricing as credit accounts.

Most places ask for a copy of my business license to open an account.
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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

Builders First Source is where I get most of my doors in Littleton, Front Range Lumber in Lakewood is another place, Kent one of the owners is fantastic at sizing etc.. I get all my windows from Kent as well.
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Re: Suppliers: Cash And Carry Or Credit Account?

Don't be put off when someone wants you to fill out credit apps. A few years ago the local lumberyard wanted me to fill out a new credit application. At first I was offended. I'd been charging for 25 years, never late with a full payment, and now they are questioning me?

I did it. Wasn't happy about it. Turned out, they were just trying to bring everything up to date. They had been burned by so many contractors, they were trying to get a hold on it. Had nothing to do with me.

My bank had me do it every year. Now they go every 2 years.

Just a part of life these days.

Regarding the doors, keep looking until you find a place that gives you good service. Even if the price it a little higher, go with them. When you have to fix doors that are wrong, it's costing you money.


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