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Overwhelmed And Falling Behind

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Re: Overwhelmed And Falling Behind

Basically, each thing has it's own proposal / estimating package. Bathrooms. Kitchens. Basements. Pergolas. You get the idea.

Each of these is really the same situation as deck proposals. This means you have a lot more work involved to set all those up.

Unique situations usually are a big wiggler on labor. Figuring this part out without the underlying experience us tricky. Sometimes the best you can do is know that it will take more labor than a standard build, but less than the biggest PITA you can imagine, and pick a number in between.
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Re: Overwhelmed And Falling Behind

When the client cold calls you...ask them if they have the drawings yet for the work they want to do.

If not....and most won't....tell them your estimates are not free. Otherwise you can expect whatever sketches and estimate will be used to "shop around' on you.

Silly? I've been charging for my time since 1972. It weeds out the tire kickers that call off of an ad or sign. I'll cut some slack on referrals that came from another customer or associated with someone you know very well that you can confirm who you dealing with.

Lastly...if your state has an online Clerk of Courts or Statewide Clerk of Courts/Records, the fee...about $25 a month in Georgia....is a valuable tool. If you take down or your secretary takes down all the information for the contact...ESPECIALLY the site address, you can check the address as to who owns the property (rather than someone fishing for bids with the idea that they MAY buy the house if they can afford all the work to be done)....as well, hopefully the Liens books are available online so you can see if your potential has a problem in the past paying their bills...materials or labor, anywhere in the state.

I could spend all day every day talking to potentials that yield little or nothing in the end. DON'T volunteer to draw anything that you leave with the client for their "review."
They'd have to pay a pro to come up with something that meets codes, permitting requirements as well as something in YOUR control whether you build or not. If you leave a drawing behind that doesn't have to have your name on it....but affiliated with an email or estimate....if the design fails before or during construction....guess who takes the grief.

You gotta weigh the wheat from the chaff....and there's a great deal of chaff out there.
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Re: Overwhelmed And Falling Behind

Originally Posted by KAP View Post
For the work you do, you need a pricelist with quarterly updates on pricing... it will streamline a lot of what you do...
How do you break your price lists out? I have an excel price list, but honestly, I hardly use it. I just have proposal templates for each type of job and just pull from those.


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