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National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

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National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

I have done some work for a regional commercial maintenance company.
I had a bad feeling from the beginning but I did the work anyway. Lots of things did not add up. We work for many similar companies. This one is unlike any other that we have worked for.
Now they are dragging their feet on payment. Terms were payment in 30 days. 60 days later they say we will pay you when we collect from our client, Verizon.
I am sending a demand for payment letter however, I think I am going to call the store managers and Verizon corporate.
What would you do?
BTW, the company is All About Maintenance out of South Florida.
Thanks for your input.
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

I have had this happen a couple of times with maint, companies. After 60 days I tell them I am filing a lien if I dont get payment in 48hrs. I have always received a check by fedex within the 48 hrs.
They just figure most contractors will walk away from a bill for a few hundred dollars


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Bull Trout (01-14-2018)
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

A lot of larger company’s have 60 or 90 day payouts....I have quite a few accounts that I have long waits for my money...But I know that bidding the job and I throw a few extra bucks on because I consider it a loan

The maintenance company is probably not lying about waiting for a payout from Verizon....

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Bull Trout (01-14-2018)
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

They may not be lying about waiting for payout, but their agreement with the OP was 30 days, like Anderson said, send notice of intent to lien, we did have to follow through with a lien one time, but other than that payment has been prompt
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kirkdc (01-17-2018)
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This space for lease
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

I've worked for about a dozen of them, my policy now is none. I've had enough of their lies and deceit. I even had one send me a 33 page contract, I didn't read but the beginning and it had a clause that if they don't get paid, you don't get paid.

I think many of them are operating out of a bedroom. They convince a national corporation they can take care of business, get an order then start calling local companies and will tell them anything to get them out there, pronto!

I don't have an accounting department to keep track of outstanding invoices, 30 days is all I ever agreed to. One drug me out 4 months. And then called back a few times after I told them to go pound sand.

The last one was the last straw for me. At two months I explained I was going to take my invoice to the store and make a scene, the more crowded the better. and I was going to do it on a regular ongoing basis until I was paid it full.

The corporations won't help either, they don't care if you get screwed. I called Starbucks once and it was a total circle jerk. One phone call from them to the contractor would have cleared things right up. They'll do it for as long as they can find suckers, and I don't they're running short on suckers because they keep calling. No wonder the work sucks so bad it many of the chain stores.
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New York City
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

I never like that excuse- "they'll pay you when they get paid"!!
if they have a contract with you- it's their responsibility to uphold the terms- doesn't matter where they get the money from- let them take a loan!!

accepting their terms means you are being their bank- a big no-no!

I've even had sub-contracts that stated if the GC did not get paid for any reason- or if only their fault- they would not pay me!!
I have never accepted that clause, and always make them take it out!
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

Send an email with a notice of intent to lien. Guess what? Received a payment today. Thanks for the suggestion. Sometimes we just need another set of eyes to see more clearly.
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

Good for you.

Yep, I got beat up a few times many years back by some of these shoddy maintenance outfits and real estate property managers as well.
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Re: National Maintenance Company Failure To Pay

In dealing with these companies over the last few years, I now limit who I deal with
I check them out every way possible, before accepting their contracts.

By the way. I get minimums and have doubled my rates.
If I have to wait, I want it to be worth it.


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